10 Best Road Trip with Kids Essentials

10 Best Road Trip with Kids Essentials

10 ~  Star Kids Snack and Play Travel Tray ~ This travel tray fits over the car seat so your kids can snack, color, hold their DVD player, use tag books, or have a snack. There are also pockets on the side to hold their work. $19.99
9 ~  Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Net ~ You may scratch your head on this one but if you have children in the back of a minivan then this will be life saver. The long handle and net is perfect to transport snacks, toys, and trash back and forth to the back of the minivan.  $8.49

8 ~ Are We There Yet (Backseat Books) ~ There are several books in this series that would all be great to keep older children (ages 7-12) occupied on road trips.  $3.95

7 ~ US maps ~ One of the great things about traveling is education. You have time in the car and geography comes to life out on the road. Place the license plate color the state when you find its license plate. See how many states you can color in. You can also trace your route, talk about the states you will drive through. Discuss their capitals and any important landmarks there. If you are going on a cruise you might want to print out a world map since there are so many international crew members.

6 ~  Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad, Black ~ This is great for both diapered and potty training/trained kids.This pad protects their car seat from urine, food, and drinks. Even children in diapers may have a blowout and leaking diaper in the car. When you are on the road its nearly impossible to clean your car seat. That’s where the Piddle Pad helps. You can take it out and shake the crumbs from the car seat. It also protects the seat from drink spills. Even children who are potty trained might have an accident in the car when you are stuck in traffic or from just drinking to much since there is not much else to do. $13.99

5 ~ LeapFrog TAG Reading System – Green This is a great toy for a road trip since its small. Kids can attach head phones to listen to their stories or listen to them on the speaker. They can use the reader with a Tag book or just listen to the stories. You can even download stories onto your Tag for books you have not purchased just so the kids can listen to them on the road. You can get a green or purple tag reader and there are lots of books to choose from. $31.53

4 ~  Fun Things for Road Trips Article ~ This is an article we had on ATFM last year. It has lots of ideas for games and things to do in the car.

3 ~ One Quart First Aid Kit and Emergency Hammer ~ This should be in your car/diaper bag all the time but even on road trips. Running around at a rest stop can lead to a skinned knee and you never know if someone might need a band-aid to make life better.

2 ~ Sunshine Kids Travel Pal This organizer will fit between two car seat or can be used between the front seats in a minivan. Its not huge but can be good to put a few toys, snacks, cups, etc for your kids. Keep one in the front for DVDs, snacks, plastic bags for trash, extra wipes for cleaning up, etc. It will help to keep all the kids things in one place and off the floor $29.99

1 ~ Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus   ~ This is the #1 item you must have for quick, clean, and easy potty stops. Sometimes its hard to fine a spot to stop or maybe the toilet at the gas station is just disgusting. This potty is perfect for the car and can fold up to bring with you while you are on vacation. We have two, one that never leaves the car and a second for the beach, park, etc. Don’t forget to get some Kalencom Potette Plus On the Go Potty Liner Re-Fills 10-Pack The seat is $14.88 and comes in several colors and the liners are $5.00 for a package of 10.