12 Tips on How to stop baby from climbing out of crib

12 Tips on How to stop baby from climbing out of crib

You may have noticed that your baby is able to climb out of their crib. This can be a big problem for some parents, but there are things you can do to prevent it from happening! Here are 12 tips for stopping babies from climbing out of their cribs.

1. Install crib tents

The first thing you can do is add a baby crib tent to your babies crib. This will prevent them from climbing out of their crib when they are not supposed to be getting out! A great thing about these, is that once your child gets old enough and stops trying to get out of their crib at night, you simply take it off! They won’t have any problem going back to sleeping in their bed again, because the tent is no longer there. If your baby likes to climb out of the crib, you might want to consider adding some more crib rails to keep him or her safe.

Also, consider using a baby gate to keep them from getting out of the room where they are sleeping. This will also help keep them safe from other dangers in the house.

2. Put a mesh net around the top edge of the crib

If putting a tent on top of your babies crib isn’t an option for you then another alternative would be to install a mesh net around all sides of the crib to ensure that your baby cannot climb out.

You can also endeavour in putting them in a sleep sack. Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that will helps keeps your child warm and snug through the night, they can also

3. Get rid of all plush toys in their crib

Plush toys are another reason why your baby might be trying to escape his or her crib at night. If he or she can reach a plush toy, then they will probably try and grab on to it when they are ready to get out of the crib. So make sure you remove any plush toys from your babies crib before they start learning how to climb out. You want everything in there to keep them safe and comfortable only, not something that would cause them harm. In addition, stuffed animals and toys also fall under the category dangerous for babies in cribs, so parents should ensure that there are no stuffed toys near the crib, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This list also includes blankets, pillow-like toys, crib bumpers, quilts, and other bedding.

4. Put up mesh around the sides of the mattress

Another option for stopping babies from climbing out of their crib is to purchase some mesh and cut it out to fit up against the side of the crib mattress. This will prevent your baby from getting anywhere, because he or she won’t be able to get past that part.

5. Keep babies crib in the corner of the room

As previously mentioned, babies will naturally try to climb out of their crib if they are old enough. So what you want to do is put your babies crib away from any windows or furniture that could provide an opening for them to climb out! You may also want to consider keeping the door shut at night as well.

Baby sleeping on crib

6. Make sure there are no cords on bassinets and playards

You wouldn’t think it would be possible since these items are made with children in mind, but many things like curtains or drapes attached to bassinets and playards still have cords on them! Babies can learn to climb out of their cribs, but they also know how to pull themselves up using something like a cord attached to the side of their bassinets or playards. To prevent this, make sure these items do not have any cords attached and if they do, remove them as soon as possible so your child doesn’t get hurt by accidentally pulling himself onto it.

7. Keep babies safe from siblings and pets

Babies will be curious by nature and might try and crawl over towards other babies in the house who are sleeping in different areas of the home, such as bedrooms that are near yours. They might even try climbing into their cribs with them. This is why you want to make sure you are in the room when your baby is sleeping. You may even want to consider putting pets or other children in separate rooms.

8. Use crib bumpers with proper spacing

Using crib bumpers can prevent your child from accidentally getting hurt if he or she tries to climb out of their crib at night. Make sure they are properly spaced out all around the crib, otherwise there will be an area that he or she might try and use to pull themselves up. This could cause them to become severely injured if they fall off of the top of the crib.

In order for your baby to avoid getting trapped between the cribs, you should keep the space between not more than 2-3/8 inches, so that they don’t get caught or strangled. Ensure no slats are missing. Remove any obstructions from the crib. Additionally, pay attention to any sharp edges, exposed screws, and loose bolts that could hurt your baby.

9. Install carpet on floor surrounding the crib

For some reason babies seem to find it easier to climb out of their cribs, if they have a carpeted floor surrounding the area. If you can do something to make the ground easier for them to crawl on, they might be less likely to try and climb out. Some people put rubber mats all around their babies cribs during nap time or even just cover it with old towels that aren’t used anymore!

10. Put babies to sleep during nap time in a swing or other baby seat

You can find swings that are built for infants that have special features like locking mechanisms that can prevent your child from trying to stand up and climb out of the seat! There are others that come with straps for you to buckle them into, so they don’t even try getting out because they won’t be able to make it. You can also place them in bouncers or vibrating seats as well, which will help keep them entertained while keeping them safe at the same time! Just make sure whatever item you put them in has the right kind of safety features according to how old they are supposed to be to safely use them.

11. Use baby monitors

You may want to consider investing in a baby monitor so you can keep a closer eye on your child, even if he or she is having their nap time. This way if they start climbing out of the crib while you are not around, you will be able to hear them crying.

12. Check for sharp objects near the crib

Even though adults put babies in cribs because it makes their items safer than other places for them to sleep, there might still be sharp objects that could hurt them within arm’s reach of where they’re sleeping. You may want to consider moving any sharp objects that are near the crib into a different room before you put your baby to sleep.

Also Keep anything that is exposed, or has the potential to hurt your child, far away from the crib. For example, an extension cord coming from an outlet with exposed wires would only take one good tug on it by your child to give him or her an electric shock

We know that it can be a big problem for some parents when their baby is able to climb out of the crib. There are things you can do before this happens, and we hope these tips will help you keep your baby safe in his or her crib. Remember to use the same safety precautions with older children who are still climbing out of their beds.

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