Lily is a mom and an amateur food blogger. She lives with her husband in Texas. She has two children, one boy and one girl, who are both elementary school students. On her free time away from work and homeschooling , she loves to cook- inspired by recipes that she pulls off of Pinterest or cooking magazines like Food & Wine and Southern Living . While many other bloggers focus on making food look beautiful, Lily likes to keep it simple with basic white plates for presentation . All of the photos on her blog are taken by herself! On her blog you can find recipes ranging from homemade vinaigrette dressing to enchiladas verde to strawberry shortcake. Not only does she share recipes , but she shares personal stories about life as a mom and wife.

Lily has always had a passion for cooking ever since she was young, so it seemed only natural to start a food blog after having children and enjoying these new found spare time moments to cook, bake, and take pictures of the food that she loved making. The babyloungers.com was started in Novembre 2021, just after their second child was born, as a place where Lily could write down all of the recipes that she had been keeping in her head.

Lily grew up in Kentucky where she lived with both sets of grandparents since she was born until she graduated high school. She moved out to Texas to go to college- originally planning on being an English major- but then changed to Art. Lily fell in love with design and art, so she ended up getting her degree in Graphic Design at the University of North Texas . After graduating college , Lily got a full-time job as an Art Director for a local marketing firm right out of college. She has worked there ever since.

Lily likes to share recipes that are both healthy and easy to make , but also includes some occasional desserts or treats like cakes or cookies that may take more time to make (because who doesn’t want something sweet every now and again?). One recipe that people often ask her for is for homemade peanut butter because it can be costly when buying store bought. It takes about 5 minutes to make- plus the hands-on prep time -and she always includes a picture with the recipe.

Lily’s favorite thing about being a food blogger is being able to share her love of cooking with others who are passionate about it as well . She loves having an audience that she can interact with on a daily basis. Getting feedback from them is one of the best parts of blogging for her. Lily’s goal isn’t to have everyone following exactly in her footsteps, but instead to give people some ideas and inspiration so they can feel more confident in the kitchen . She tries to keep recipes simple without too many ingredients or difficult steps, but also likes posting more difficult recipes once in awhile- like Deep Dish Pizza Pie -so that she has something for everyone depending on their comfort level in the kitchen!

Lily tries to post between 1-3 times per week since she doesn’t have too much spare time during the weekday. The weekends are usually when she posts more because she gets everything prepped ahead of time for the upcoming busy workweek so that she can just put pictures up and write recipes after church on Sundays . It seems to have worked out well since there are some weeks where she posts more than others.

Lily’s advice to people who want to start a food blog is just to go for it! This is the perfect time in history to do it, too. There are so many resources and websites dedicated specifically to helping beginner bloggers get started . She also recommends taking a couple of photography classes before posting any recipes online, because that is one of the most important parts of blogging- having stunning pictures that make people hungry !

We hope that you’ll enjoy her recipes and share them with your friends and family.