BabyMoov CloudNest Newborn Lounger review

My Thoughts on The BabyMoov CloudNest Newborn Lounger : Pros & Cons

Want to give your little one a comfortable and safe place to sleep, play, or rest? Then BabyMoov Cloudnest Newborn Lounger is one of the best options! It’s not just an ordinary lounger!

You must be wondering why this specific baby lounger has hundreds of other options as well. Well, your concern is valid. That’s why we have done our research and reviewed the BabyMoov Cloudnest Infant Lounger in detail!

Go ahead and read the full article to find out why parents love babymoon’s CloudNest newborn loungers.

BabyMoov CloudNest Newborn Lounger Overview

BabyMoov CloudNest Anti Colic Newborn Coccoon lounger is recommended for babies until the age they start to roll (usually between zero to three months). Created by the midwives, the BabyMoov CloudNest lounger is an anti-colic newborn cocoon that meets the safety guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO recommends that babies lay flat on their backs, preventing sudden death syndrome. The Cloudnest Newborn lounger features a unique shape that adapts to the baby’s body and creates a safe environment. Moreover, this baby lounger is known for its incredible anti-colic benefits and how it encourages natural muscle growth. What makes this newborn lounger more interesting is how it mimics the cozy environment of a mother’s womb. Speaking of its quality, functionality, or durability, the BabyMoov Cloudnest Newborn Lounger makes every buck count!

Overall, this baby lounger is not just a haven for babies but also a breath of relief for the new parents, allowing them to rest while interacting with their little ones.

Product Highlights

Womb Like-Feel

BabyMoov partnered with the certified midwife Sophia Mighali to create a baby product that is safe, comfortable and gives the baby the same feel as a mother’s womb. Compared to other infant loungers, the Cloudnet newborn lounger mimics the design and creates a womb-like environment for the baby. The lounger naturally soothes the baby, providing maximum reassurance and making them feel as they are being held. The result is a well-rested and happy baby with less exhausted parents.

BabyMoov CloudNest Anti-Colic Cocoon Design

One thing that keeps your baby crying for hours is colic pains. As distressful as it is, colic is very common among infants. The midwife Sophia Mighali discovered that a fetal position, a little weight, and warmth combined with padded surroundings could be helpful to prevent colic pains in the baby. Therefore the BabyMoov has designed its CloudNest as an anti-colic newborn lounger. It features a supporting roll that lifts the legs; meanwhile, the patented heated pillow arm provides warmth and exerts a little weight on the little tummy. It results in providing a calming effect for the baby.

Built-In Heating Pad

A significant feature of the BabyMoov CuddleNest is the built-in heating pad. Keeping in mind the delicate nature of babies, the lounger comes with the BabyMoov CloudNest organic heating bag. The heating bag is filled with organic flaxseeds that are safe to be used around babies. When you need it, please take out the bag, heat it in the microwave, and put it inside the patented arm. The flaxseed bag soothes the baby by mimicking the cozy environment of the mother’s womb.

Promotes Digestion, Reduce Startle Effect, and Much More

When you start to think that all a baby lounger can be used is for lounging, the BabyMoov amazes you. The CloudNest Infant lounger is more than just a lounging pad. Its innovative design helps your baby in many ways. With a warm and cozy environment like a womb, the lounger improves digestion in the baby. Moreover, the patented arm design wraps around the baby and reassures the baby. It is helpful to prevent the startle effect and reduce the stress levels in babies. The soft and flat surface of the CuddleNest minimizes the risk of sudden infant death. It promotes the internal health and general well-being of the baby.

Organic and Certified Fabrics

No matter how functional it is, a baby product has no use if it’s not safe for the baby. However, that’s not the case with the BabyMoov Cloudnest Anti-colic Newborn lounger. This unique infant lounger is manufactured with the best quality and safest materials. All the fabrics used in the Cloudnest anti colic newborn lounger manufacturing are organic & OEKO TEX 100 Certified and skin-friendly for baby’s sensitive skin. The organic cotton jersey and 3D mesh are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and breathable. It means your little one can lounge, play or rest in BabyMoov CloudNest Anti Colic cocoon’s safe environment.

Easy To Clean

With babies, your laundry and cleaning pile seems to grow and grow. But with CloudNest, you don’t have to worry about that. The fabric is easy to clean and dries quickly so that you can put it back into use without any delay. BabyMoov CloudNest lounger comes with a removable cotton cover that is machine washable. The cotton fabric is air permeable, which means it dries quicker, so your baby doesn’t have to wait long.

Diaper Changing Station

Diaper change can often be stressful for both the parents and the newborns. With the loudest, you don’t have to worry about that either. The lounger is designed to make it a perfect diaper changing station. So you can change your little one’s diaper in a stress-free environment.


BabyMoov CloudNest Anti Colic Infant Lounger is nothing but relief for the new parents. With BabyMoov, you don’t have to worry about where to go with your baby. The lightweight design makes it easier to carry the BabyMoov lounger. And we are not just talking about from one room to another. You can take this lounger to the beach, to a playground, or even on your road trip. The BabyMoov CloudNest Infant lounger comes with a carry bag that makes it completely portable and travel-friendly.


  • Features a pillow arm to provide maximum reassurance.
  • The heating pad filled with flaxseed relieves cramps and colic.
  • It mimics the womb structure and environment.
  • It promotes the fetal position and raises legs to promote digestion
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.


  • It can’t be used for babies older than three months.
  • The lounger is not a co-sleeper.

Price Perspective

On Amazon, you can find the BabyMoov CuddleNest Infant lounger for $89.90. This price is exclusive of shipping and delivery charges. While some of you may disagree, the BabyMoov CloudNest Infant lounger is expensive. No doubt other baby loungers like LolueMade CuddleNest loungers, Pello multi-use toddler floor pillow, or dock-a-Tot deluxe+ range from $99.00 to $200. However, these baby loungers are recommended for babies more than three months.

You can read the full review of each baby lounger on our website.

BabyMoov CuddleNest is a unique newborn lounger designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for babies. This lounger indeed has some great benefits to offer for its users. The lounger cocoon-like design that provides womb-like warmth and puts a little weight on the baby is quite helpful to reduce colic cramps, aid digestion, and reduce the startle reflex.

But your baby can only benefit from this lounger up to 3 months of age. Once the baby starts to roll, this baby lounger is no use. Moreover, parents who prefer co-sleeping after a few months would also not find this BabyMoov lounger of any help. It is not designed for co-sleeping or even supervised napping.

Keeping all this in mind, the BabyMoov CloudNest lounger is an innovative lounging pad for babies, but it comes at a high price.

Things To Look For When Selecting A Baby Lounger

You need to look for a few things when selecting a baby lounger.

Fabric Quality and Safety

The first thing to look for is the quality and safety of the baby lounger material. All materials that contact babies’ skin should be 100% safe and non-toxic. Moreover, the fabrics used should also be breathable and hypoallergenic. One important fabric quality that people often overlook is the heat harboring ability. Look for a baby lounger that doesn’t retain heat and overall safe for your baby.

Convenience to Wash

Convenience to wash is another high-priority quality of a baby lounger. So look for a lounger that is machine washable and quick to dry. Usually, the baby loungers use organic cotton covers with excellent air permeability, which means the cover air dries quickly after the wash.


Babies often need the lounger till 12 months of age. While most baby lounger companies claim that their product can be used for babies up to eight to twelve months, they often outgrow the loungers before six months. So look for a lounger that comes in handy until you are ready to transition your baby from a lounger to a bed.

Portability and Storage

Another thing to look for is the portability of the baby lounger. Look for a lounger that offers excellent portability. A good choice would come with an easy-to-carry carry pouch or bag, so you can take the lounger with you anywhere you go or store it easily when not using it.

Is BabyMoov Lounger A Good Investment?

After reading the above discussion, you must be wondering whether it’s worth investing in BabyMoov CloudNest Lounger or not. Well, while we may not be able to decide it for you, our personal opinion is that the BabyMoov CloudNest lounger is a luxurious item. It is indeed an excellent addition to your baby’s registry if you want to give your baby colic less the first three months. However, if you buy this baby lounger, you need to buy another one after three months. It means that you will have to pay twice the amount for this lounger.

With that being said, we leave it to you to decide whether you should buy the CloudNest Anti-colic infant lounger or not!

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