BabyMoov CosyDream Newborn Lounger

BabyMoov CosyDream: First Baby Lounger That Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

BabyMoov CosyDream: Introducing The World’s First Baby Lounger That Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

BabyMoov is a well-reputed brand that manufactures baby products like newborn loungers, baby bouncers, walkers, and much more. One of the BabyMoov products selling like hot cakes in the market is the BabyMoov CosyDream Newborn Lounger.

If it’s your first time being a parent, you may not be familiar with this product. Worry not. We have got you covered! Here is the answer to why BabyMoov CosyDream Original Newborn lounger is a baby registry must-have.

BabyMoov CosyDream Newborn Lounger Overview

The BabyMoov CosyDream lounger is nothing but a marvel. This baby lounger keeps your baby safe and cozy from its design to its functionality to medical benefits. Designed for infants between zero to three months (or until the baby starts to roll), the CosyDream original newborn lounger adapts to the baby’s body shape. When you put down the baby in this lounger, the baby gets the same feel of the mother’s womb. The CosyDream baby lounger is manufactured as per the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. Due to its medical benefits like preventing flat head syndrome, the CosyDream Newborn Original Lounger is a pediatric recommended baby gear.

Product Highlights

Provides Womb Like Environment

The BabyMoov CosyDream has a complete comfort range for the baby. Its mother’s womb recommended design creates a safe and cozy environment to provide a sense of security and soothe the baby. The snuggling sensation is effective in reducing startle reflex in babies. As a result, the baby sleeps or rests profoundly and wakes up fresh.

Easily Washable Cover And Bedding

BabyMoov’s objective is to provide a product that is baby safe and helpful for the parents as well. Therefore they have come with the machine-washable CosyDream infant lounger. While it’s a comfy spot for your little ones, this unique lounger doesn’t add up to your laundry! Due to its design, the lounger is entirely hand and machine-washable.

Feature Patented Osteopath Design

When it comes to the quality and safety of your baby, the CosyDream doesn’t compromise. The baby lounger features a patented osteopath design that makes the lounger safe for the baby in every aspect. BabyMoov CosyDream Original Newborn lounger Ultra-comfortable Osteopath design minimizes the suffocation risk and sudden infant death syndrome. When the baby lies on its back, the baby breathes better, as the mouth or nose are not obstructed, hence no suffocation.

Head Support and Back Support

The BabyMoov CosyDream infant baby lounger is known for its medical benefits. The CosyDream features fitted head support to distribute the pressure on the baby’s skull evenly. This design helps prevent flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). As a result, the baby’s head stays nice and round. Additionally, as the babies lay flat, the lounger has fitted back support to help keep your baby’s spine in perfect alignment.

Customizable Size with Adjustable Leg Support Roll

BabyMoov CosyDream is an infant lounger designed for babies between zero to three months. Or you can use this baby lounger for your little one until they start to roll over. What’s interesting is that the lounger adapts to your baby’s entire body as its size is adjustable. It comes with an adjustable leg support roll. You can adjust the leg roll according to your baby’s size resulting in a perfect fit. Due to this feature, the BabyMoov CosyDream Infant lounger is more secure and comfortable for babies.

Prevents Colics and Reflux Issues

The integration of adjustable leg support roll is not just for the design. It serves as an anti-colic and anti-reflux solution for babies. With this leg support roll, the baby lay in a frog-like position (natural fetal position) with the baby’s legs raised. It is the perfect position in preventing colic symptoms, cramps, or acid reflux issues. Their digestion improves as the babies lay flat on the baby lounger in the natural fetal position. Moreover, the CosyDream Infant Lounger also promotes natural growth, internal health, and the baby’s overall well-being.

Babe Safe Fabrics For Optimal Safety

Babies are sensitive, and they require utmost safety. That’s why BabyMoov has used only certified safe for babies fabrics for the cover and bedding of the CosyDream Infant Lounger. The materials are gentle on the baby’s skin and do not cause skin allergies or rashes. Additionally, these fabrics are non-toxic, which is a bonus.


With BabyMoov traveling with babies has become more accessible. The lightweight design of the lounger makes it easier to carry around. Moreover, the unique design of the baby lounger is foldable. It means you can put it inside a carry bag during travel. The CosyDream baby lounger is a baby registry must-have with this remarkable portability.

Anti Rolling or Anti Falling

One of the parents’ priorities is to prevent the baby from falling when it comes to infants. With the CosyDream baby lounger, you don’t have to worry about that. The lounger comes with cushioned edges designed for optimal infant safety. The cushioned edges provide cocoon-like protection to the baby, keeping them safe from rolling over or falling.

Positioning Guide

The BabyMoov CosyDream Newborn Lounger has specific positional guides on its sides to maintain an optimum position for your baby.

Most Recommended Baby Gear by Healthcare Professionals

It is not very usual that certified health professionals recommend any baby product. However, that’s not the case with the BabyMoov CosyDream Original Infant lounger. The baby-safe purpose BabyMoov created infant lounger, CosyDream, is recommended by most healthcare professionals. The proven medical benefits of this lounger to prevent flathead syndrome with a built-in head positioner is the main reason why pediatricians recommend this baby lounger,


  • Cosydream perfectly adapts to the baby’s body.
  • The fitted head support distributes pressure evenly on the skull, preventing plagiocephaly.
  • It uses ultra-soft luxurious materials that are baby safe.
  • The custom shape memory foam and osteopath aid baby’s development.
  • The innovative and patented roll leg support is size customizable.
  • Easy to wash, lightweight, and foldable.


  • It is recommended for babies between zero to 3 months only.
  • The leg support is undone and can be detached if the baby kicks.
  • Not ideal for restless babies or when the babies start rolling over.

Price Perspective

The list price of this innovative BabyMoov CosyDream comfortable osteopath-designed nest certified lounger on amazon is $64.99. This price is exclusive of any shipping or delivery charges. Compared to BabyMoov other cozy range loungers, CosyDream newborn lounger is not expensive. While the other BabyMoov infant loungers are also recommended for babies between 0 to 3 months, their prices are around $100. So, it is not wrong to say that CosyDream Newborn Lounger is a cost-effective option for parents. This newborn lounger soothes the baby and ensures optimal safety while promoting natural and healthy baby development. Not to forget, the Cosydream newborn lounger is recommended by pediatricians to prevent flat head syndrome and sudden infant death syndrome.

CosyDream Newborn Lounger Vs. Snuggle Me Organic

The CosyDream and the Snuggle Me Organic Newborn loungers are two popular baby products. And many parents, especially the new parents, get confused between the two.

The CosyDream newborn lounger is a conventional product with memory foam and other simple materials. In contrast, the Snuggle Me Organic Newborn lounger comes with 100% organic cotton and has 4-way stretch fabric for comfort. So, it becomes difficult to decide which one is better between these two products.

However, in our opinion, CosyDream Newborn lounger is a better investment than Snuggle me lounger. Here is why we recommend CosyDream over Snuggle Me Organic:

Short Term Use: Although the Snuggle Me Organic manufacturers claim that this lounger is designed for babies up to 9 months, the reality is quite the opposite.

Center Without Padding: Parents who have used snuggle me organic loungers for their infants have reported that the center is not padded. The center only consists of fabrics which means that the baby’s back is not well supported.

Heat Harboring Fabric: The Snuggle Me Organic uses hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics, yet still, this lounger is heat harboring.

No Fitted Head Support: The snuggle me organic is a usual lounger that can be used for lounging, kicking, or playing. No doubt, the lounger provides safety and support while reassuring the baby. However, it lacks any fitted head support keeping the baby’s head nice and round. On the other hand, the CosyDream features a patented ultra-comfortable osteopath designed to nest with head support that prevents flat head syndrome creating an optimum head shape.

Price: The Snuggle Me Organic infant lounger is available for $99.00. The lounger is best used until your baby starts to roll after three months. The CosyDream lounger is also recommended for babies aged up to three months. It is listed for $25 lower than the snuggle lounger and has more medical and health benefits.

The snuggle me organic lounger is also a good choice for parents. Still, it falls short in comparison to the CosyDream newborn lounger. We highly recommend the BabyMoov CosyDream newborn lounger and believe it is a valuable investment for all parents.

The Bottom Line

The CosyDream newborn lounger by BabyMoov has a lot to offer for both babies and parents. From its luxurious and ultra-soft materials to its patented leg support system, this lounger has everything you need to make your baby’s first three months peaceful. Compared to many other baby lounger options, the CosyDream Newborn Lounger is also affordable. So, if you are looking to buy a baby lounger within your budget range yet offers maximum benefits. The CosyDream Newborn Lounger should be among your top choices!


Can my baby sleep in the BabyMoov CosyDream?

The BabyMoov CosyDream lounger is safe for supervised use. It means that you can use it for supervised sleeping and napping. However, the CosyDream baby lounger is not recommended as a crib bedding or co-sleeper.

Can I wash the cover of my CosyDream?

Yes, the cover can be removed from the lounger and is machine washable. The entire lounger can be washed in the machine. The optimum temperature for washing CosyDream lounger is 30 degrees.

How long can I use BabyMoov CosyDream Infant Lounger?

The BabyMoov CosyDream has been tested and is certified for babies weighing up to 14.5 lbs (between zero to three months old). However, many customers had reported that their babies loved it even when they were 13-14 lbs in weight.

Is CosyDream Available In Other Colors?

BabyMoov creates innovative products that feature elegant and subtle colors and designs. The CosyDream newborn lounger is available in only one color: gray.

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