Best 4 Wheelers For Kids

Best 4 Wheelers For Kids – Electric ATV and Gas-Powdered Quads

Unlike your typical gift for kids, a 4-wheeler for toddlers may not be your first choice because it is spendy. Even at that, the fancy outdoor vehicle will surely turn out to be a smart buying for your kids recreation. Nothing compares to the thrill children feels to be in control of their vehicle off road. What more? The thing that most four wheelers on the market are designed to ensure kids’ safety makes them even more appealing to parents. Are you thinking of getting one of these vehicles for your child? This article provides the best four-wheelers that made our list of the best ATVs and Quads for kids.

Best 3 – 5 Years Old Four Wheeler: Kid Trax Marvel Spiderman Toddler ATV

Best 6 – 9 Years Old Four Wheeler: Power Wheels ATV Dune Racer

Best +10 Years Old Four Wheeler: X-PRO 110cc 4-Wheeler QUAD ATV

Best Four Wheeler for 3-5 Years Old

The Kidzone 4-Wheeler Quad, the Uenjoy Electric ATV, and the Kid Trax Caterpillar ATV have a weight limit of 66, 77, and 60 pounds respectively.

The Kid Trax Marvel Spiderman Toddler ATV however it can support up to 95 pounds. That can allow your kid to take a ride with his buddy.

Kid Trax Marvel Spiderman Toddler ATV

Kid Trax Marvel Spiderman Toddler ATV Ride On Toy, 12 Volt Battery, 3-7 Years, Max Rider Weight 88 lbs, LED Head Lights, Spider-Man Blue

The Kid Trax Marvel Spiderman Toddler ATV is inspired by your child’s favorite action movie web-throwing superhero, Spiderman. With this power ATV, your kid can get the thrill of role play as he chases imaginary evil personages in Spiderman with this powerful off-the-road vehicle for kids. The product is designed in two models; a 6V to 12V. These power options allow you to select the perfect speed and size that meets the age and needs of your child.

If your kid is between the ages of 3-7 years, you may consider purchasing the 12-Volt model of the vehicle while driving alone or with a friend as the vehicle can support up to 95 lbs in weight. The product features reverse option and a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.


  • Available in two models, The 6V and 12V
  • Classic superhero character themed
  • High-end quality and durable brand


  • Might require a professional to assemble it
  • Less weight capacity

Uenjoy 12V Kids 4-Wheeler Electric ATV QUAD

Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Quad Ride On Car Toy w/ 3.7mph Max Speed, Treaded Tires, LED Headlights, Music, Radio, Bluetooth, USB (Pink)

The next product on this list is the Uenjoy 12V Kids Four Wheeler Electric Quad ATV that is an electric 4 wheeler for kids with an impressive combo of resilient and gorgeous your lass. The product is recommended for girls above 3 years old and has a weight support capacity of up to 77 lbs.

A child younger than the recommended age may find electric vehicles intimidating. Hence, follow to the age recommended by the manufacturer. For a better user experience, the vehicle have Bluetooth to listen to musics. This product offers your baby girl unlimited fun listening to her favorite playlist while driving the powerful 4 wheeler.


  • Mp3 function for improved user experience
  • Adjustable speeds for safe driving
  • Wheels are durable and wear and tear-resistant
  • Three-dimensional and lifelike driving


  • Comes in parts and must be assembled by a professional for safety and optimal functionality
  • The battery does not last long

Best Choice Products Kids 4-Wheeler Ride-On Quad ATV

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric 4-Wheeler Ride On w/ 2 Speeds, LED Lights, and Sounds, Pink

This Best Choice Products Kids Ride-On is made by its manufacturers for kids between 1 year and a half  to 6 years. However, parents recommend it for kids within ages between 2 and 4 years. Other conspicuous features of this off-the-road ATV include; a 2 miles per hour maximum speed limit and a 66-lbs weight capacity.

This beauty on four wheels can only be powered by a 12V battery and has blinking headlights made from LED that will light up your garage with the push of one button. Reviews parents gave about this ATV reflect that the product is made of durable material plastic that ensures longevity and has an extended battery life for prolonged recreation.


  • In contrast to other four-wheelers available on the market, the Best Choice quad is easy for assembling and may not require a trained technician
  • A more realistic driving experience


  • The age range for use is limited to 2-4 years
  • The speed limit is low compared to other products

Kidzone Kids Electric Quad Toddler Motorcycle


Kidzone 12V Kids Battery Powered Electric 4-Wheeler Quad Toddler Motorcycle Ride-On ATV with 2 Speeds, LED Lights, Sound, Music, Treaded Tires, ASTM F963 Certified - Green

Kidzone Kids Electric Quad Toddler Motorcycle is another bright option for your younger kid that wants to feel a little in control without crossing the Rubicon of the speed limit. The ATV has a 2 mph top speed which is just the right amount of speed to achieve maximum fun for preschoolers.

The off-the-road vehicle is designed with other impressive functions that include flashing LED headlights for safety and realistic sounds such as engine, horn, and music for a smooth user experience. The high-end vehicle performs brilliantly on all surfaces ranging from dry beach sand to wet grass and even on the tarred ground. With a weight support capacity of 66 pounds, the ATV car is recommended for children between 3 to 6 years old.


  • The speed limit is safety-oriented
  • Performs well on different terrains
  • Includes safety features like headlight and horn


  • You may receive a color different from what was ordered

Kid Trax Caterpillar ATV Toddler Ride On Toy

Kid Trax Caterpillar ATV Toddler Ride On Toy, 6 Volt Battery, 3-5 Years, Max Rider Weight of 60 lbs, Single Rider, CAT ATV (KT1349I)

Akin to the Spiderman version described above, the Kid Trax Caterpillar Ride On Toy Electric ATV is an ATV with engine sounds especially suitable for young riders between 3-5 years of age with features such as working headlights and traction tires.

This product is powered by a 6-volt electric supply and at top speed can achieve 2.5 mph and has a weight capacity of 60 pounds.


  • Realistic headlights that offer a better user experience
  • Cost-effective option
  • Can easily be assembled


  • The speed limit is low

Best 4 Wheelers for 6-9 Years Old

A very powerful but price-steep option for your experienced ATV rider on the market and this list is the Razor Dirt Quad while the Power Wheels Racing ATV on the other hand is a more cost-effective choice but is a small ATV compared to others.

Power Wheels Dune Racer Green

Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green

The Power Wheels Dune Racer Green is a work of art manufactured by the Fisher-Price company and operates on a 12-volt power supply.

This sturdy ATV has a weight capacity of 130 pounds. This finely crafted off-the-road vehicle is reported to seamlessly perform on all terrains even mud!

While the vehicle when compared to other kids’ ATVs on this list, is slightly cost-efficient but doesn’t have seat cushions or safety belts and is recommended for kids aged between 3 and 7 years.


  • Controls for lockout
  • Pedal with Foot Control
  • Strong steel frame for durability
  • Power brakes


  • Lack of safety belts
  • Plastic wheels susceptible to quick wear and tear
  • Absence of seat cushions

Power Wheels Ride-On Racing ATV Vehicle

Power Wheels Racing ATV White Ride-On Vehicle

Your young chap may be looking to enjoy some real action in real-time. With the Power Wheels Ride-on Racing White ATV, your kid enjoys a more realistic experience because this product has the perfect speed and size especially for kids between the ages of 3-7 and having a weight capacity of about 65 pounds. If your child falls into this category, he is in for a treat!

Another interesting feature of this four-wheeler is that the wheels perform on several terrains.


  • The machine is smaller in size compared to others on this list
  • 2 different speed adjustments
  • A pocket-friendly option


  • Tires made of materials other than rubber and are susceptible to easy wear and tear
  • The battery only lasts for about half an hour and that is such a buzzkill

Pulse Performance ATV Electric Quad

Pulse Performance Products ATV Quad - Childrens Electric 4 Wheeler - Camo

If a snazzy ATV will catch your toddler’s fancy, then Pulse Performance ATV Electric Quad is recommended for children within the age of 8 and above. In sharp contrast to other four-wheelers on this list, this ATV is a 24- volt powered machine that has a speed limit of about 5 mph. A twisted hand bar is used to direct and control the vehicle.


  • The grip is designed in a twist style fashion
  • Rubber wheels that ensure the durability of the product in contrast to other name brands that design wheels from plastic
  • Seats are fully padded to ensure maximum comfort


  • The battery only lasts some hours
  • Electrical wiring may be faulty in some series

Razor Dirt Quad Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Variable-Speed Acceleration Control

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle - Black

This Electric 4-Wheeler ATV with Variable-Speed Acceleration Control is highly recommended for expert riders between the age of 8 and above because it has a weight accommodating capacity of about 120 pounds with sturdy absorbers that provide a better user experience for your child.

With this product, the weight of the rider determines how long the battery would last. This four-wheeler is built to use a power train with the accelerator and brakes made from metallic compounds and may be arduous for your kid compared to simply driving a power wheel-propelled ATV.

This 12-volt powered four-wheeler has a speed limit of 10 miles per hour is the perfect ATV to prepare your child for playing in the bigger leagues; that is, driving a gas-powered car.


  • Is designed for older and experienced riders due to its more advanced features and functions
  • Wheels are made up of durable rubber tires that do not easily wear off or tear


  • Is more difficult to drive compared to other products on the list

Best Four Wheelers for Children Above 10 Years

While both products appear to have similar reviews and ranking from users, the only significant difference is that the X-PRO 110cc 4-Wheeler Quads Youth ATV needs a technician to assemble it before it can be used while the TAO TAO Big Rugged Wheels TForce ATV upon arrival is almost fully assembled except for minor parts that are DIY.

X-PRO 110cc 4-Wheeler Quads Youth ATV

Best 4 Wheelers For Kids – Electric ATV and Gas-Powdered Quads

Are you seeking a snazzy-looking ATV with a top rating for premium children’s fun? The X-Pro 110cc 4-Wheeler ATV may not come as a cheap option but is best-suited for tots between ages 10 and above.

The machine is designed to have an electric ignition which ensures easy control and handling. Compared to the other four-wheelers on this list, this ATV is electric and is designed to the rear and front tires that offer impressive traction and is a plus to cover more ground.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Perfect for the entry-level rider
  • Huge rubber tires
  • Kill switch for ATV engine
  • 12-Volt four-wheeler


  • Expensive ATV
  • Requires the services of a professional for assembly

TaoTao TForce ATV with Big Rugged Wheels

Smart Deals Now Brings ATV Model # TForce 110cc by TAO TAO with Big Rugged Wheels (Awesome Black Color)

The TaoTao Quad TForce with Big Rugged Wheels four-wheeler is truly a marvel comprising everything your kid could have wished for in an ATV.

The product runs on gas and is almost fully assembled when it arrives at your home thereby saving you and your kid the hassle of getting a technician to stitch the parts up. The ATV has a maximum weight capacity of about 120 pounds and a speed limit of 20-25 miles per hour. However, there isn’t an age limit set for this kid’s quad.


  • Large tires that perform on all terrains
  • Arrives almost fully assembled


  • Cost-efficient
  • No age limit is set by the manufacturer

Comparing  Four-Wheelers for Kids

Four Wheeler Essentials

Four wheelers go by a lot of names namely; four tracks, ATVs, etc.

In many countries such as the United States and Canada, the ATV is an off-the-road vehicle as such, it’s prohibited from the streets to ensure the combined safety of all road users. Four wheelers for children are of two types; the gas and electric models:

  • Electric 4-wheelers are a perfect way to assist newbie ATV riders to build substantial confidence in an adult-supervised environment. Electric four-wheelers for kids are designed with safety as a paramount concern while also ensuring that they are lightweight making them a great way to introduce off-the-road driving to your child.
  • Gas-powered 4-wheelers are an upgrade from electric ATVs. Introduce gas-powered ATVs only when your child becomes an excellent electric four-wheeler rider here skill,  strength and size are of paramount importance.

Choosing the Perfect Four Wheeler

Since the market brims with myriads of options having unique features choose from, choosing the perfect four-wheeler for your child may come as a puzzle.

The transition from riding an electric-powered four-wheeler to a gas-powered one and ultimately an adult ATV may be backbreaking for your toddler. As a parent, consider the age of your child, the weight of the machine, speed, and carrying potential before deciding to select an ATV. Alternatively, once your child is about 12 years and you are sure he’s skillfully learned how to handle and control a 50cc version of an ATV, you can proceed to purchase a powerful four-wheeler.

The Use of Safety Helmets

As fun as riding an ATV solo or with a friend can be, it may also lead to accidents. Using a safety helmet during jolly rides can prevent accidents. Better to be safe than sorry!

If you allow your kids to use a four-wheeler, make it mandatory for them to adopt good riding practices and use safety equipment as this becomes part of them when they get bigger ATVs or standard road vehicles.

Wearing a helmet can reduce the possibility of having head injuries to the barest minimum.

  • Ensure the safety of your child is what comes first above all while having fun with an ATV. Safety helmets will help you achieve just that.


Without an iota of doubt, four-wheelers are a great way to teach your child driving and spend quality recreation time together as a family. The list provided in this article will help you determine the best ATV option for your kid. While you are at it, remember to encourage your child to adopt good riding habits and use safety gear all the time.

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