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10 Best Baby Walkers of 2022

It is hard to trust sit-in baby walkers that don’t lock the baby walker in place as this is a clear red flag that they could cause harm to your child. Since you take the physical health of your child seriously, it would be a wise choice to use a push walker. The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is highly recommended because it allows your child to move with lesser risk as your baby is not stuck in a sit. Even with the lower risk posed, you should never leave babies without proper adult supervision in any item having wheels.

Below is a list of the best walkers for babies. Discover what makes each one unique and our reviews of what they are missing to be more safe.

Best Overall BabyWalker: Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Best Sit-to-Stand Kid Walker: VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Child Walker

Best Classic Baby Walker: Radio Flyer Classic Infant Walker Wagon

The 10 Best Baby Walkers of 2022

Tiny Love 4-in-1 Here – Grow Mobile Activity Center, Meadow Days

Tiny Love 4-in-1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center, Meadow Days

Admittedly, the Tiny Love 4-in-1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Baby Walker, Meadow Day is a little pricey, it includes multiple options to keep your baby entertained and help out parents, thereby making it the most perfect walker solution on this list.


  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Four principal usages – as ajumper, stationary bouncer, sit-in walker or push along
  • Designed with 20 different uses to help children with cognitive skills, language, senses, motor skills, emotional intelligence and creativity
  • Washable and detachable seat pad
  • Nests compactly for storage


You don’t need to buy an ExerSaucer, a push walker and a sit-in walker when you can just buy the Tiny Love 4-in-1 walker that works as your baby can bounce around the house, walk, swivel, and push while also saving you money for the price of 3 baby items.

This amazing combo piece is especially advisable for parents with not much room in the house.  After using the product for the day, it can easily be folded up and nestled away for safekeeping and storage until it is needed again. Yet another interesting feature of this combo piece is that the product is height adjustable in 3 ways to increase the height of your baby.

Speaking of safety, the baby item might just be the most safe on the market among contemporary brands as it maintains the ExerSaucer form such that it prevents the baby from ramming into surrounding home stuff even if the walker itself does. Functionality may change slightly as the baby grows but the baby’s safety is still of paramount concern.

From the baby’s point of view, he will undoubtedly love the colorful animal toys having lots of textures to feel. Since most babies are usually active for the first 18 months of life, this walker allows your baby to stay busy during this period.


As seen in the previous product, a particularly obvious downside to this walker is the absence of a lock brake. For such a pricey amount, It should have a lock brakes button that prevents your baby from causing self-inflicted injury as a result of using the walker.

Next, parents living in houses with carpets will realize this product does suit them. Let’s not even get into the hassle of switching the walker from jumper mode to walker mode.

Lastly, smaller infants will need pushing the walker because it is stiff and a little heavy for an infant. The silver lining to this is that it could help your baby develop a some muscle keeping your baby physically fit.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Walker and Push Toy

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Walker and Push Toy are cost-effective and easy on the eyes that you’d love to push it around. If you got a pair, you can do races in the play area of your house with your spouse while the loser does house chores for the day. Asides from being fun, it’s healthy for you to do activities together as a family. When your child sees this, it strengthens the family bond.


  • For a cheap price, you could customize this walker for your baby
  • The wooden construction is sturdy
  • Activities for your kid: fish on the wheels, chomping alligators, and butterflies and spinning ladybugs.
  • The walker makes sounds when it dose move to appeal to babies love of noises.
  • Encourages fine and gross motor skills and coordination between eyes and hands
  • Recommended for floors with hardwood.


With every move your little one takes, the three alligators will chomp. If that isn’t a sight for sore eyes, I don’t know what is! The baby item has colorfully painted graphics, spinning bugs, and toys that do not need batteries to make natural noises with high visual appeal.

Also, the hardy wood handle serves as a support for babies learning how to walk and since the push-toy weighs few pounds extra, it keeps the baby from falling over.

More importantly, the wheels on the toy have a non-slip grip to help break your child’s speed to a minimum. If your home has wooden floors, this walker is a great choice to go with.


While the recommended age of use for this infant walker is 12 to 24 months old, understand that as soon as your baby is tall enough to get to the handles of the toy while having both feet on the ground, he is ready. Since babies can’t sense imminent danger, don’t leave them alone unsupervised with any walker.

The grip on the walker wheel make the use on carpet floors quite the hassle but work just fine on wooden floors. Some parents think the toy’s weight is too light therefore posing a risk to babies. Some babies may be bigger and their walker need to weigh more to stay sturdy while others weigh less hence they need less force to push their walker. It’s left to parents to make a the choice concerning the unique needs of their child.

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal

For parents who prefer less clutter and kids items, Joovy Spoon Walker is the perfect product as it has clean lines making it appear simple yet having a modern design with a high visual appeal.

You are free to select from a variety of colors as the product comes in 5 different colors. With Joovy Spoon Walker, your child can freely navigate in the house or snack on the large tray. The product is designed to be easily packed up for outdoor use or storage after use.


  • A larger tray with a detachable insert
  • Dishwasher-Safe Insert
  • Can be folded flat for traveling and storage
  • Free of PVC, BPA and Phthalate
  • The seat pad can be washed in a washing machine
  • 3 height levels
  • Large wheels
  • Stair pads that don’t slip
  • Maximum height up to 33.5 ‘in and weight of 30 pound
  • Allows your child to eat, play, and learn to walk.
  • Contemporary design


While the big tray is the center of attraction of the Joovy Spoon Baby Walker, the product also has bumpers that shield your baby and any piece of home furnishing she may bump into while playing with the product.

What more? The product comes fully assembled so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist before your child can use the product. As your child grows taller, you will enjoy using the multiple height positions and can take out the seat to be washed if it gets dirty likewise the tray.


The product has no toys. It is almost unimaginable that a baby walker wouldn’t have toys to come with it and have a tray snacks. You can however put your baby’s toys on the tray but be prepared to pick them up every single time your baby knocks them off the tray and trust me; your baby will definitely knock her toys off while trying to play with them.

The image of your child cruising around with loads of cereals in its mouth while crashing into every piece of furniture around the house is really scary, right? I thought so too. That image appears right in front of you while using this walker because there is no locker to ensure that the child stays where he is put. On the bright side, the walker has a bumper bar to help prevent a lot of damage.

Also, the price is too expensive for an infant walker that only allows your babysit and eat snacks. Some buyers complained that the product only worked for shorter babies while others got dysfunctional products. Ensure you thoroughly check the walker before use to be certain it is in good working condition.

In Conclusion, while sit-in walkers are only efficient for helping your baby move, they don’t help learning how to walk. During the motions of walking, you do not sit in a seat while moving your legs independently; your hips thighs and bottom are what help you propel yourself and this can only be achieved in a standing position. Hence, if your reason for investing in walkers is to help your child learn how to walk, this walker won’t be of much help.

Radio Flyer Classic Baby Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, Sit to Stand Toddler Toy, Wood Walker, 1-4 Years , Red

While your baby might not be ready to hop on a kids wagon, at about 9 months of age he could with Radio Flyer Classic Baby Walker Wagon. Larger models of this walker can keep all your little one’s stuffed animal toys for the journey around the room. The walker wagon also includes a few safety options that would wow you.


  • Wooden frame
  • Firm base and handle
  • Detachable sides
  • Support push body
  • Supports weight until 35 lbs
  • Recommended for 1-4 yo
  • Built-in Toys storage
  • Weighs 14 lbs
  • Grip tread for wheels
  • Front bumper


Do you remember running around your parents’ house in Grand Theft Auto style? You probably don’t because you never got the chance but your baby can as memories last a lifetime. Help your child create long-lasting souvenirs with this walker made to assist infants wanting to begin walking.

This walker wagon was designed with some benefits in mind. First, side panels on the wagon comes to help ease the load so your baby doesn’t have to struggle so much to move around the house. Next, the bumpers fitted around make the product home items friendly. And in Third, when the wagon is pulled, it offers resistance such that your baby never loses balance and crashes.

Fourth, the wagon can accommodate the child’s weight up to four years of age due to the larger body capacity. Lastly, that empty basket can be used to store stuffed toys, and believe me, children love it when there’s enough space for their toys.


Admittedly, this baby walker uses resist-pull; however, a few toddlers might be strong enough to push fast and far with ease. Also, the walker is conceived for babies in their first year up. If you choose to use the baby item earlier than that, ensure not leaving your baby without proper adult supervision.

Some customers complaints were about parts of the walker like the sideboard falling apart while other catched splinters from them. Be sure to be thorough when checking the sideboard prior the product’s use as this will help protect your child. If you notice the walker is defective or has some missing parts as some parents experienced, make sure you inform the manufacturer as this ensures your child’s safety and also helps you get the product replaced with a better one.

Bright Starts Ford F-150 Ways to Play 4-in-1 Baby Push Walker

Bright Starts Ford F-150 Ways to Play 4-in-1 Activity Baby Push Walker, White, Age 6 months+

If you’re particularly intrigued by F1 Motorsport and would love your baby to grow and become a racer, the Bright Starts Ford Ways to Play Baby Push Walker gives you a great head start to achieve your dreams. The walker is designed to have a big truck allowing your baby to drive and walk simultaneously. Also, the walker is designed with three different ways to work which allows your baby to drive for extended periods while having the most fun.


  • 3 Uses: Push Walker, Sit-in Walker or just a walker
  • Easy to Switch modes
  • Anti-skid with Rubber tires
  • Ability to steer
  • Realistic sounds, steering wheel, lights and gears
  • 3 different heights
  • Weights 19 lbs
  • Ford truck lookalike
  • Support AA batteries
  • Carpets friendly
  • Weight limit – 26 lbs
  • Support Up to two babies
  • Available in various colors
  • Can be easily folded for travel and storage


This toy is the most stylish walker money can buy for your newborn baby driver. While a drive downtown in your car is off-limits to your baby for the foreseeable future, he will like cruising around the room with this spectacular product.

The walker is designed to have some amazing options for parents as well. The height of the walker can be adjusted too to ensure your baby’s feet are well-grounded.

If you are blessed to have twins, they could share the toy as one can use the walker and the other could push the car around.

A sturdy base is noticed on the walker to help prevent your baby from crashing into walls or furniture during one of his daily drives. The overall weight of the walker is a bit heavy than others and this accounts for the extra sturdiness of the product.

Let your baby honk, steer the wheels, and shifts gears of your automobile once they outgrow the walker then explain to him that he’s not getting behind the wheels until he’s sixteen. That will have him eager for his sixteenth birthday.


Just like the others, the wheels don’t have a brake lock.

Also, the walker though heavy and sturdy is designed to hold a baby weighting till 26 lbs. Most walkers go as high as  30-35 lbs. As such, this minimizes the amount of time your baby will use before he outgrows the walker because some babies get to 30 lbs faster than a blick, Jack Robinson.

Finally, because the walker is quite heavy, it becomes a hassle to fold and even difficult for the baby to push around.

Little Balance Box: Sit to Stand, Push Toy, Learning to Walk Assistant

Little Balance Box: Baby Walker, Sit to Stand, Push Toy, Learning to Walk Assistant, Toddler Standing Activity Table, Boy, Girl, Award-Winning, 2-in-1 (Green)

The Little Balance Box: Sit to Stand, Push Toy, Learning to Walk Assistant unlike other walkers on the market is totally unique. Instead of wheels, this walker has spring foot making it one of a kind. This product can help your little one transition from sitting to standing quickly.


  • No wheels present, just feet that move vertically
  • Fully functional on carpet, and floor
  • Helps children to balance to standing
  • Made from bamboo without PVC or BPA making it environmentally friendly
  • Can serve as a table for your toddler
  • See-through table (not glass) so kids can see their feet for easier movement
  • No sharp edges
  • Nylon Feet
  • Easy for babies to control and move rather than walkers
  • 50% restocking fee for old and used ones
  • Easy to build


Most walkers except for the Little Balance Box 2-in-1 have wheels that can get ahead of your kid making him lose control and crash. From the stables of Inspira Spark, the brains behind the little balance box, the baby item is designed such that balancing and standing are much easier for babies and since the legs of the table are well padded, it prevents the table from falling over your babies.

The table was specifically designed to help the infants make the transition from sit to stand and to walk. Even when your baby learned how to walk, the walker doesn’t become useless. It can still serve as a table or flat surface to paint on while you await the arrival of the next newborn.

Finally, while the product ranks at the baby walkers best seller. Your baby won’t push it as fast as a walker with wheels. This is good because it ensures your baby’s safety.


The major problem with this product is how exorbitant the price is. While it may be the safest and ideal product on the market, an average family may find it difficult to buy the product because of the price.

Also, in terms of aesthetics, the table lacks visual appeal as it has no drawings, color, sounds, or toys. It is just a boring transparent board.

Taller babies might find it challenging to use this product because its size is way too small. Since there aren’t many activities to be done on the transparent polycarbonate board, your child may find solace in frequently tapping or drumming on the board which may be a problem should you be needing some peace and quiet.

Disney Music and Lights Girls Walker

Disney Music and Lights Walker, Pink

In sharp contrast to the previously mentioned walker, Disney Music and Lights Girls Walker got princess toys, and sounds to amuse your baby in the walker. Also, you get to select from a variety of themes around Disney World Like Minnie, and Winnie the Pooh.


  • Foldable for easy travel and storage
  • 12 Disney songs and 4 toys
  •  3 heights positions
  • Bigger snack tray
  • Recommended for kids weighing up to 30 lbs and 32 ‘in tall
  • Wheels adaptable to carpets and hard floors
  • Seat pad is washable in machine
  • +4 Months old and up
  • Large frame to avoid baby bumping into furniture
  • Weights almost 13 pounds


Everything about the Disney Baby walker works. From the wide frame that prevents your child from ramming into furniture to the Disney-themed toys that swing out to reveal the noticeably large tray for cereals or snacks.

Also, the product may serve as a jam box of sorts for your baby as it contains 12 songs along with different Disney toys. You do not need to worry about constantly picking up because they will not fall off the tray.

Lastly, the walker is super easy to fold flat and store for safekeeping.


The truth is this; only very few best seller infant walkers got locks. Sadly, the Disney Music and Lights walker with all of its amazing features is not one of such walkers. Always make sure your baby is not alone by himself while using a walker that does not have brake locks.

Although the product is not as expensive as the Joovy Spoon walker, both are expensive as it would seem customers are paying the brand name.

Other than these two points, the product has most parents nod of approval except for those who got defective units. Safe to say, as with every products these things happen every time as products could become damaged as a result of handling during packaging, shipping, and delivery.

Best Sit-to-Stand Infant Walkers

NuoPeng 3 in 1 Sit-to-Stand Baby Walker

NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker, Activity Center, Entertainment Table, Drawing Board (Yellow with Green)

The NuoPeng 3 in 1 Sit-to-Stand Baby Walker isn’t just a simple walker, but a large activity hub center that keeps your lad occupied for endless hours. With the walker having multi-function, your baby will be kept entertained until the preschool age. If you have a small space house, this is probably the go-to infant walker for your little one as he can use it as a board for drawing and play center to limit the clutter around the house.


  • Certified material safe
  • Doesn’t Fall over
  • Help babies gain strength and coordination
  • Multiple musics to keep the baby amused
  • Enhance the baby’s motor skills with driving simulation, phone toy, rattle, beads and more.
  • When flipped over the table can be used as a drawing board
  • Small space taking because it’s Compact
  • 6 AA batteries Needed
  • 2 years guarantee


If you think your baby is fast using this product, you can change the rate at which the walker moves thereby slowing it down.

The activity panel comes in handy if your baby needs to sit for a while and take a pause. Simply set up the panel in front of the toddler while he drives his tiny car. As your baby grows older, you can use the flip table to help him use creativity with drawing activities on the magnetic board.

While this walker may naturally seem small, it provides endless possibilities for your tot. Most parents are impressed by how versatile the baby item is as it helps your child draw alphabets and numbers, learn sounds and work on fine babies motor skills and the durability of the product.


Unfortunately, the walker is lightweight weighing a little under 10 lbs. This implies that the walker will not be sturdy and could easily topple your child while it’s in use.

This little uses a lot of energy. Nothing shopping at the nearest store won’t solve. A serious issue with this walker though is the Asian English accent that may be hard for the parent and child to understand.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker, Musical Walking Toy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker, Musical Walking Toy for Infants and Toddlers Ages 6 to 36 Months

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker, Musical Walking Toy is a walker that provides two distinct ways to play for your infant. While your child is in the walking learning phase, he can play with this puppy and when his feet are firmly grounded and can stand, he can use the walker in a standing position to walk.


  • Stand and walk or sit and play modes
  • 75+ songs and phrases
  • 7 play activities (spinner, roller, piano etc.)
  • Different levels for each age
  • Introductions to Alphabets, Numbers and Colors
  • Easy to build package
  • Sound level button


This walker can be fun to play with while your baby is standing or seated. The puppy walking toy includes quite several features that serve as blissful entertainment for your baby. These include some sounds, songs, and phrases. The walker has parts that include fun activities allowing your baby to spin and press buttons for sounds and music. Your little one also gets an early introduction to the alphabet, numbers, and colors. It even gets better. Your baby can even learn Spanish. Salud!

If you’re concerned about the high pitch of sound the walker makes which will probably drive you nuts, you can easily control the volume using the buttons.


If your floor is made of laminate or hardwood, this walker can move a bit faster for your toddler. Also, your baby may have a bit of an issue while pushing it down the floor as he walks. If more force is exerted on the handle, it could make your child trip. You may also experience a little bit of frustration trying to open up the batteries part but not too complex.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Baby Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging) , Orange

Active babies love this modern push walker because it is designed with bright colors, buttons, and games to keep your baby busy. Your child can enjoy hitting the buttons on the walker and playing phone using the removable play center.


  • Interactive activity center
  • Easy packaging
  • Learning toys teaches animal sounds, numbers, music, shapes and alphabet.
  • Includes 2 AA batteries
  • Wheels work on hard floors and carpets
  • Lot of buttons to play with
  • Plastic material
  • 9-36 months old suitable
  • Telephone toy
  • +70 musics and sounds
  • Multicolors


This baby item is designed such that your baby can play with it and then moves to standing using the handle. Finally graduating to pushing the toy around while developing confidence in walking. I’d recommend this product as the best walker for babies to help them learn how to walk.

This walker has a detachable toy bar feature, piano keys, spinning parts, animals, a phone, and lots more that help build learning potential in your child.

The walker may only be used for the first 36 months of your child’s life before he outgrows it. Before he does outgrow it, you might want to take advantage of the multiple functions of the product to get the full value of your money spent to purchase it. You’ll find that the price of the product is reasonable and worth it.


This walker is not foldable and this poses a serious problem when trying to transport it or keep it in storage. In addition, the walker only weighs 5 lbs which implies that the walker is not sturdy enough for a little baby to walk.

Most parents are even more concerned about the cacophony of noise the play center makes and even call it “the toy that never shuts up”. While it is not uncommon for babies’ toys to make noises, this toy makes noise on the high side and non-stop perhaps preparing you for that time when your child can talk and becomes excessively chatty.

In conclusion, the play center pan on the walker easily snaps off thereby causing problems for your child.

Baby Walkers Table of Comparison

Below is a comparison table of recommended products on this article.

Product Price Popularity Quality
Melissa & Doug Alligator Wooden Walker $$ 9.5 9.4
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker  $$ 9.6 9.6
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Walker $$ 9.9 9.6
Little Balance Box 2-in-1  $$$ 8.8 8.6
NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker $$$ 7.9 9.2
Joovy Spoon Walker $$$$ 9.8 9.4
Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon $$$$ 9.6 9.6
Tiny Love Meadow Days 4-in-1 Baby Walker $$$$ 9.8 9.2
Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker – Ford F-150 $$$$ 9.6 9.4


Are infant walkers safe?

Parents are undoubtedly always concerned about the safety of their children. There is no gainsaying in the fact that infant walkers cause a lot of accidents for little ones under 15 months old majorly as a result of accidents with stairs. Also, other walker-accident-related issues include crashing into furniture, toppling over, and pinching or bruising fingers and legs. To avoid scenarios like this, it’s best to keep your child under constant adult supervision while he uses a walker.
Finally, baby walkers lack wheel locks for now. Perhaps, future technology may figure this one out. In the meantime, bellow are some tips to help keep your baby safe while in a walker:
– CPSC instituted several laws to make sure babies walker are safe. Always check the CPSC Recall List before buying the next walker.
– Thoroughly examine each walker before use. If something feels wrong, looks out of place, return it instantly to the supplier. Your baby’s safety comes always first.

When to put your baby in the walker?

When your infant can be able to hold his head and his feet touch the floor when in a walker, then it’s good to go.
This does not happen in all babies at the same time. The age varies between four and six months old.
If it seems your baby is not old enough to use a walker do not rush it. Still unsure about using a walker? Get a baby jumper or activity table instead.

How do baby walkers teach a baby to walk sooner?

The primary function of a walker is helping build strength in babies legs and find balance. After 18 months, walkers become useless to babies as they already learn to walk on their own.
Babies only require the desire to learn. Most times, assistance is not necessary. If the desire to learn how to walk is not there, do not rush the baby to walk.  Allow your little one to take his time to become courageous to walk and making walking progress with their schedule. Baby steps yeah? If you feel the need, feel free to provide them with an only if you feel he’s ready to start to walk.

How to choose the best baby walker my baby?

The best alternative to help them learn walking is using a push walker. The reason is not far-fetched; while using a sit-in, they just move their legs, while the push walker teach them to hold themselves up.
The floor is where all the action is; your toddler can learn important motor skills like crawling, trying to stand, and other motions. Sit-in walker do not allow for this, rather they only offer mobility. If you however must buy a sit-in walker, keep it away from the stairs.

When do babies start walking?

There are no two same babies. Each baby is unique and different in his own way. The average baby will walk between the ages of 9-15 months while others may take a bit more. If he doesn’t walk by 1 year and a half, you may want to seek a professional opinion from a doctor.
Remember, there is no right time for a baby to walk. Your baby will hit his walking milestones at different times compared to other babies his age. Until your toddler is ready to take his first walking step, baby steps!

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