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Hands-free Diaper Bag Backpack

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack includes a hands-free, water-resistant design, 14 large pockets for storing all your baby essentials plus comes with stroller straps, changing pad and sundry bag. This is a must have bag for parents on the go with babies

Yes, a diaper bag backpack of some kind is vital for every new Mom and Dad. But not just any old backpack will do. The whole idea behind the Bag Nation diaper bag backpack design is to first, provide a safe place to store all the essentials you will need to take care of your baby. Second, provide a comfortable way to carry all those essentials. And last, free up your hands, so you can focus on attending to your baby.

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Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack Key Features

Comfort and Efficiency

The Bag Nation diaper bag backpack has been a godsend for us and apparently, a lot of other parents as well. We checked out a lot of other diaper bags and backpacks before settling on the Bag Nation brand. And after using it for many months, we can confidently say – we made the right choice.The Bag Nation diaper bag addresses all the on the go storage needs for you and your baby but just as important it’s comfortable to wear for Mom or Dad.

Discreet Quality Design

First and foremost, the Bag Nation diaper bag backpack looks like a quality, well made utility backpack. So no one necessarily knows you’re carrying a diaper bag disguised as a backpack. Your hands are completely free and yet you’re carrying all those essential items you need for your child like diapers, wipes, changing blanket, extra clothing, food, etc.

You can even strap it to your stroller and have ready access to all the pockets. That feature alone has come in quite handy on a number of family outings.

Plenty of Storage Options

This Bag Nation diaper bag backpack features 14 pockets – one for every need. Organizing all your supplies has never been easier. It’s built tough too with awater-resistant twill polyester exterior fabric that seems a lot stronger than cloth. The stitching holds up well and doesn’t fray. And the zippers are extra strong and heavier-duty than what you wee on a lot of bags.

What’s In The Shipping Box?

  • One Bag Nation diaper bag backpack
  • One Travel sundry pouch
  • One Portable changing pad
  • One Diaper bag essentials PDF
  • One Welcome guide
  • One customer lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 customer service

Most diaper bags are just big, bulkysacks. Many bag designs don’t take your needs as a parent into consideration. By that I mean, they don’t make things as easy for you as they could. In other words, rarely do they have enough pockets for you to easily organize all your baby supplies like wipes, diapers, creams,small toys and food.

Why Many Diaper Bag Backpacks Fail

What really annoys me is that most diaper bags use inferior shoulder straps. And when it comes to carrying a well-stocked diaper bag for several hours at a time – should straps make all the difference. Cheap straps might feel fine the first couple of times you use them on short outings.Don’t even think about using those crummy alternatives on longer outings.

After a week or two,the cheap material digs into your shoulders and gets quite uncomfortable. That’s what’s wrong with most diaper bags of any style. When they are cheaply-made, they begin to fall apart. Zippers breakdown and straps become uncomfortable.

A Diaper Bag Backpack That Delivers

Discovering the Bag Nation brand has made a world of difference. It’s available in two different colors – gray and black. Each color uses a different fabric and both are water resistant.The gray bag has a unique feel and texture to it. It does not bead water like the black one. But it does stop water from getting inside. Both materials are easy to clean by simply wiping them down.

The stroller straps make it easy to connect the backpack to the stroller and have everything easily accessible.This comes in handy when you’re at the zoo, aquarium, shopping mall – or on a family outing to the park.

A Diaper Bag Backpack Designed For What Parents Really Need

One of the inside pockets is insulated which is great for keeping food warm or cool. You can fit everything in this backpack including the changing pad, diapers, baby food, formula, extra clothes for your baby, jacket, wipes, baby toys, blanket, towel, extra water. There’s also room for your wallet or purse, phone, car keys, lunch for mom and dad, sunglasses, hats – and more.

The bag is smartly designed in that it can stand on its own – whether it’s empty or full. This means it everything is readily accessible and setting it aside is easy to do.

Of note is the durable construction of the Bag Nation diaper bag backpack. The material feels thicker than a typical backpack. Yet it’s lightweight and water resistant.

Outside pockets are secured mostly by zippers. The exception being the front bottom outside pocket. This one has a magnetic closure and is perfect for diapers and wipes – the two things you always need with a little one.

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  • Handsfree is the way to be – this diaper backpack reliably holds all your essential items for baby care (like diapers, food, and extra clothing) – all while freeing up both of your hands. You can even strap it to your stroller
  • High-quality water resistant twill polyester (stronger than cloth), non-fraying stitching, and strong zippers means you’ll have a diaper bag backpack that lasts for years
  • 14 pockets; one for every need, so you can organize your supplies and your baby’s supplies with ease
  • Comes with (1) large durable changing mat and (1) sundry bag, so you have everything you need when you purchase our backpack diaper bag!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY- Buy with confidence, we stick by our products and customers no matter what. Our outstanding support team is only a message away.

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Bag Nation Backpack PROS and CONS


  • Quality, well-made product
  • Sturdy, thick, and waterproof
  • Sleek and stylish design (for cool people)
  • Lifetime warranty (so you never have to worry)
  • Easy to take as a carry-on when traveling by air
  • Strong and durable – after months of use, it still looks new
  • Super comfortable to carry because of the extra-thick padded straps
  • Provided changing pad is light and soft and comfortable for the baby
  • More than enough storage space for everything you need for your little one
  • Looks like a quality, designer brand backpack that could be used for anything
  • Outer wipes pocket is very handy with its magnetic closure ( gives you easy access to wipes and diapers)
  • Tons of pocket compartments makes it easier to be organized (must have been designed by a parent with practical experience in the field)
  • Great customer service (after you purchase, they email you with a PDF telling you all the things to place in your backpack diaper bag so your always prepared. This is an excellent bonus for first-time parents)


  • Only two color options are available at this time
  • When fully loaded – it can tip over if the weight is not evenly dispersed
  • Inside lining can wear down after years of use (but thankfully there’s a lifetime warranty)
  • When fully loaded, it can get a little heavy (because there’s just so much stuff you can fit inside) – which can be challenging to carry – particularly for smaller moms

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Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack – Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a quality backpack diaper bag – this is it. It’s constructed from non-absorbent material that can easily be wiped clean. As a parent, this is very important because let’s face it -spills happen.

Parents love the Bag Nation diaper bag. It’s one of the more popular “baby” items on Amazon. With more than 3000 customer reviews, Bag Nation ranks a solid 4.8 out of a possible five stars. That’s a huge rating from a large number of actual buyers, so you can buy with confidence.

See our ratings for price, quality, safety and our verdict below:

Price: LOW | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 :

We hope this review of the Bag Nation​ diaper bag backpack helps you select the right diaper bag for you and your baby.