Bumbo Vs Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Bumbo Vs Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

In the past few years, baby floor seats have been increasingly popular as a means to help your baby sit up before they are ready to sit up on their own. Parents no longer have to lay their babies down to sit them down in the baby floor seats.

The most common option for a baby’s floor seat is the Bumbo. My first child was born about the time Bumbo became famous. As thrilled and exhausted new parents, we, of course, purchased one. On the other hand, our child had no success with the Bumbo.

The Bumbo forced him into an awkward position that made him appear uncomfortable. After feeding him, he spits up when we put our son in the Bumbo. Finally, I tucked the Bumbo away and put it away for good.

There are now a wide variety of baby floor seats to choose from. The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up is an excellent substitute for the Bumbo. The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up outperforms the Bumbo in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Fisher-Price Sit Me Up

Bumbo Vs Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

You can use the Fisher-Price Sit Me Up to fit your baby’s body form better. This seat is excellent for a short time, but you should not leave your kid in it for too long. In reality, you should only use the Sit-Me-Up or other infant floor seats on a limited basis.

As stated in the Fisher-Price website product description, the device should not be used until your infant can hold their head up unsupported. Until your child is old enough to crawl, I suggest using a playmat. I was a big fan of Fisher-Rainforest Price’s Music and Lights Deluxe Gym for my kids.

Description of Product

Only on the floor can you use the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up floor seat. This chair is sure to please with a wide range of colours and patterns, including animal-themed ones. For baby goods like playmats and floor seats, I choose engaging child-centred themes rather than baby specific practices, as I would with a diaper bag.

The broad base of the Sit-Me-Up floor seat supports your infant. A comfortable fabric seat provides seating for the baby, and the removable and machine-washable cloth seat cover makes cleanup a breeze.

Because the bottom of the seat is designed to sit as close as possible to the floor, your baby’s legs will be entirely supported by the ground. With the Sit-Me-Up centre, your baby may fully extend their legs without having them elevated slightly off the ground like with the Bumbo.

High seat backs provide additional support for a baby’s head and neck. Thanks to the seat’s taller side rails, your baby’s arms will have more support and freedom of movement than the Bumbo.


  • Comfortable for the infant
  • For neck and shoulder support, a higher backrest is recommended.
  • Legs can fully stretch, thanks to the design.
  • To be used in the case of babies with large feet
  • The cushion can be washed in the washing machine.


  • Long-term use is not encouraged.
  • It’s challenging to move around.


The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up is better than the Bumbo, in my opinion. As a result, I don’t think this is important for your child. Other options for this developmental time include a baby play mat or the Boppy for older babies.

The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up is a far superior option to the Bumbo if you have the space and desire to purchase a baby floor seat. It’s made to keep your kid secure and healthy.

Floor Seat Bumbo

Bumbo Vs Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Perhaps the most well-known and popular floor seats are Bumbo‘s. It appears to be a lot of fun and is available in a wide range of vibrant colours. The Bumbo comes with an optional tray attached to the seat. Sturdy foam is used to make the Bumbo.

The Bumbo is easy to clean and can be taken anywhere. A three-point harness is included in the Bumbo for your protection. You should wait until your infant can hold their head up on their own before using the Bumbo, just as the Sit-Me-Up.

Babies between three months and nine months are advised to use the Bumbo. In the opinion of some child development specialists, the Bumbo is a terrible choice for growing children. Before using any infant product, consult your child’s paediatrician.


  • It can be cleaned very easily
  • Portable in every way
  • A rainbow of hues.
  • A body harness is required


  • Not suitable for babies that are larger than average in weight.
  • Neck and shoulder support is inadequate on the seat’s back.
  • Insufficient support is given to the lower limbs


The Bumbo isn’t for me. Despite its widespread use, this product was a dud for my kid. My kid appeared to be in a strange and uncomfortable posture due to the seat’s lack of support.

Bumbo’s and other infant floor seats should never be placed on a counter or a table because of their height, and the middle should never be used anywhere other than on the ground. What would be a better choice for children’s development? And the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up is a good choice if you need a baby floor seat.

Alternative Floor Seats for Babies

There are a variety of baby floor seats out there to choose from. More than a few companies have jumped on board after the Bumbo’s popularity. I don’t think any of these seats are suitable for a baby under one, and these goods should not be used until your child can sit up alone.

As an alternative to the Bumbo, I suggest the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up and the Ergobaby Graco. This product should only be used for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time.

Sitting Chair for Babies by Hugaboo

Bumbo Vs Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Infants may rest comfortably in the Hugaboo, a fluffy Boppy-like seat. A taller back and two openings for your baby’s legs distinguish this seat from the Boppy. No, I don’t think this is suitable for babies under two. However, this is a terrific alternative for babies trying to sit up and who need a little extra support.

This product, too, is only meant to be used on the floor, much like the other baby floor seats. Using a baby floor seat, such as the Hugaboo, on a higher surface, such as a couch, is dangerous. Because it’s soft and provides a safe place to put your kid about six months of age, this product is a favourite of mine.

Summer Infant Deluxe SuperSeat 3-Stage Car Seat

Bumbo Vs Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Exersaucers can get boring after a while, which is why we love the Summer Infant Deluxe 3-Stage SuperSeat so much. Instead of having their legs dangling like in an Exersaucer, the Summer Infant SuperSeat is flat on the floor. You can keep your infant engaged with the spinning activity tray.

There is an option to remove the tray to be used as a booster seat when your kid is old enough. Again, this is not a good idea for very young newborns, and for babies who are already able to sit up on their own, this is a great option.

Use this to hold a baby in place while you take a break. After my son started crawling, I would have used this product, but I had to shower.

Tips on how to use Floor Seat

I’ve concluded that a baby floor seat isn’t necessary, and the Bumbo was a complete waste of money for our family’s limited financial resources. For those who insist on getting a baby floor seat, here are some things to think about:

Your baby should not be rushed to use the car seat. At this stage in their development, babies should not be made to sit up until they are ready for it. A playmat is a better option than a baby floor seat. The playmat was a big hit with my kids, and they were free to explore and grow at their speed on the playmat.

When my son was roughly four months old, I left the room briefly while he was playing on his playmat, and he noticed. A few minutes after returning to the room, I discovered scooted across it. This helped him to develop his rolling and scooting skills naturally. A baby floor seat wouldn’t have allowed this to happen.

Having a place to put a baby is understandable to me. I USED THEIR BOUNCY SEAT whenever I needed to restrain my children but didn’t want to put them in their crib. While cooking dinner, showering, or doing other chores, this worked perfectly. They weren’t made to sit in an uncomfortable position; instead, they were kept occupied and amused.


Until your child can sit up alone, I do not suggest utilising a baby floor seat. To get your baby to sit up independently, you don’t need any special baby equipment. However, the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up is better for a baby floor seat than the Bumbo.

The seat’s ergonomics were developed with your child’s safety in mind. It’s a better option for little ones than the Bumbo because it’s more age-appropriate. It’s a terrific choice for a baby’s floor seat is the Fisher-Price Sit0-MeUp.

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