Chicco Nextfit Zip Infant Car Seat Review

Chicco Nextfit Zip Infant Car Seat Review

The sort of car seat you choose will be a critical choice to make before your child is born. A car seat is one of the first baby equipment you’ll use when you take your newborn home from the hospital. Your baby’s safety and comfort are intertwined when choosing a car seat, and the appropriate seat can accomplish both.

With so many various kinds of car seats available on the market, selecting the appropriate car seat that is safe enough for your child is quite important. As a mother with extensive experience, I suggest the Chicco Nextfit Zip Car Seat as a safe and reliable option.

The Nextfit Zip Car Seat is a complete parent and baby-friendly car seat that offers many benefits and improvements over many other car seats now available on the market.

Chicco Nextfit Zip Infant Car Seat Review

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The Chicco Nextfit Zip Car Seat has several unique features and advantages. Some are discussed below:


Easy installation

When a convertible car seat isn’t correctly placed, all of its safety features are thrown out of the window. Installing a convertible car seat may be difficult and determinant of how safe it will be. This Car Seat is designed so that the installation is straightforward and doesn’t need any specific technical know-how. Anyone can install it without having to break a sweat.


Because newborns will be in these car seats for many hours at a go, the seats must be as comfortable as possible. It takes a little padding to do this, but the Chicco Nextfit Zip Car Seat is well-padded. The harness and headrest cushions are quite full, which is beneficial to the infant; one mother’s review states that her baby could sit for hours without complaining “ouchie buckle” of pain, and she recommends it to all mothers and future mothers.

In addition to this, the belts are lightweight and cushioned to reduce undue strain on the hips, resulting in a very pleasant experience overall.

Ability to recline

Reclining is beneficial because it promotes sleep, which many parents want to encourage in their children, particularly during lengthy vehicle trips. Talking about convertible car seats, the Nextfit reclines in nine distinct configurations, a first of its kind in the industry. Irrespective of the model of your vehicle, you can be guaranteed that this function will be a welcome addition.

Perfect for a wide range of ages

It was perfect for the baby, who weighed just under seven pounds. The harness and belt can be adjusted to fit their new body shape as they become older.

Ease of buckling

Buckling an unwilling infant or toddler and a convertible car seat is similar to wrestling a slathered-in-butter alligator in the swamp.

With the Chicco Nextfit Zip car seats, your kid may be nestled into their car seat naturally without having to engage in a tug-of-war.


There are several baby-friendly colours available for the Chicco Nextfit Zip convertible car seat, as well as an optional thermal-insulated cup holder that can be placed on either side of the car seat and comes in a variety of colours to match your child’s favourite outfit.

Presence of Zipper 

This one-of-a-kind feature makes Chicco Nextfit Zip car seats ideal for people like you.

The whole inside of this convertible car seat, including the cushioning, may be removed and machine washed since it is removable from the shell.

Car seats get soiled. If I’m being really honest, they can be rather unpleasant. A child’s health suffers from crumbs, spit-up, spilt liquids, illicit chocolates, and leaking diapers. The advent of Zipper has made cleaning your convertible car seat a simple process. Just unzipping and tossing them in the washing machine will make your convertible car seat look like new again in no time!

This one-of-a-kind feature allows it to be reused for several children and even transferred from one mother to another, which seems like a wise investment. Yes! With the Chicco Nextfit Zip’s car seats, you receive the finest value for your money on the market.


It is not without flaws, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Chicco Nextfit Zip car seats have a few drawbacks, including the following:

It is extra heavy 

This car seat weighs more than 26 pounds, making it very hefty, Even though the car seat’s weight contributes to its safety.

My experience with how much of a pain dragging a heavy car seat can be, especially dragging it from the house to the car and then switching it between cars, is not an easy task, nor does it make it friendly to mothers.

This is not a major problem with convertible car seats like this one if you have to move them around, especially if you travel by plane and transfer between using them on the plane and in your vehicle.

High price

This is more expensive than other car seats and the unzipped version.

Must be air-dried

The Nextfit Zip’s pad has to be air dry after washing. While you wait for a freshly washed piece of padding to dry out, you’ll be out of a car seat.

Does it make sense to pay for this? Given the points above, It’s a resounding yes and an equivocal no. As a result of its washability and durability, you will be able to use your $25 to $50 vehicle set for an extended length of time and even pass it on to another mother. However, the washing function comes with a catch since it must be air-dried, which means it will be unavailable for some time. No one likes to invest in something that won’t be accessible at all times.

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Product Reviews:

  • 4.6 on BabiesRUs
  • 4.8 on Target
  • 4.6 on Buy Buy Baby
  • 5.0 on Albee Baby

Final Verdict 

For a long-term convertible car seat, Chicco Nextfit Zip is an excellent option because of its high level of safety, all of the advantages described above. The special attribute of having a zipper makes it washable, but one does not have to break the bank as it is flawed in having to air dry it, which makes it unable during this drying period.

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