Ergo 360 Baby Carrier Designed For Comfort And Multiple Carry Positions

360 Baby Carrier Safe For You And Your Baby

​Among the most important acquisitions for new parents is a reliable 360 baby carrier. But not just any wrap or simple carrier will do these days. More parents these days want a 360 degree carrier – one that provides multiple carry options for the baby. Equally important – if not more so – concerned parents want a carrier that safely and securely holds the baby, while delivering maximum comfort for both parent and child.

This review will show you why the Ergo 360 baby carrier is so popular among adventurous and safety-conscious parents. Let’s take a closer look at this easy to use 360 baby carrier.

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Ergo 360 Baby Carrier Great Quality

The Ergo 360 baby carrier comes in multiple colors and it delivers on all counts. As a 360 baby carrier, Ergo makes it easy to carry your child on your stomach, facing inwards or outwards. And as the baby grows, you could also wear your still small bundle of joy on your hip, or on your back.

Be sure your baby can demonstrate strong head and neck control before considering the hip or back carry positions. Kids should be able to sit unassisted, weigh a minimum of 17.2 pounds and be around six months of age before using those options.

It also supports your need to maintain a healthy posture.That’s something that can go a long way in helping you minimize any back pain.

What Makes the Ergo Baby Carrier Different?

What’s different about Ergo is that it’s made from cool air mesh – so it’s breathable, durable and comfortable for your baby – even on a hot summer day. It also provides ergonomic support for the baby and a natural “M” position – whether they’re facing inward or outward. The fact that you can position them several different ways helps both you and the baby. The big difference with the ergo brand of baby carrier in that your child can face out and see what you see.It helps them tosatisfy their budding curiosity and learn as you walk.

360 Carrier Use It Up To Age Three

Keep in mind that this 360 baby carrier is designed to fit babies from 4 to 36 months (and from 12 to 33 pounds). There’s also an infant insert that you can get that makes itusable for those age 0 to 4 months (or weighing 7 to 12 pounds).But this insert is sold separately.
​Baby Carrier That’s Convenient and Comfortable

If you’ve ever experienced back pain from extensive walking as you carry your precious cargo, you’re really going like the Ergo 360 baby carrier. It’s got a wide wraparound waistband that provides maximum convenience, comfort, and lower back support. It’s also designed for women to be used comfortably, not long after a C-section birth – so it’s got to comfortable.

The waistband strap adjusts from 26 to 52 inches,while the shoulder strap ranges from 26 to 46 inches. But it’s the generously-padded shoulder straps that really make this thing comfortable to wear as they evenly distribute your child’s weight.

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A 360 Baby Carrier Is Ideal For Good Weather

Since it’s made from a durable mesh material, it’s lightweight and perfect for warm weather.It also helps keep your child cool and the tuck-away baby hood protects babies from the sun and wind. The whole carrier is machine washable and therefore much easier to keep clean than some other baby carriers.

Ergo’s 360 baby carrier makes life easier and more comfortable for both you and your baby.You can adjust it to fit your growing baby, so it’s definitely a one solution option which also means – good value.

360 All Position Baby Carrier

Whatever position you choose, make sure your baby is always be seated comfortably in an ergonomically-correct“M” position. In this position, their knees should be even with – or slightly above – their hips.The spine should be in a curved “C” position.

Since it’s adjustable, the 360 baby carrier is designed to fit all sizes of parents. And it’s meant to grow with your child from 7 pounds all the way to 33 pounds.With the added insert, it’s perfect for infants too.

Ergo 360 Baby Carrier Design Details

The ergo baby is a solid, well-made product that should last you multiple years – and even through multiple babies. It manages to retains its shape and does not loosen up after repeated use. All materials used are certified “baby safe”.

  • 360 baby carrier: Ergonomic position for baby as baby grows: Easy to adjust bucket seat supports in an ergonomic natural “M” position for all carry positions
  • The Ergobaby 360 carrier is comfortable for parents to wear: Exceptional lower back support with wide wraparound waistband maximizes comfort especially post C-section. Extra padded shoulder straps.
  • 360 baby carrier has a breathable Design: Cooler for you & baby, lightweight & durable mesh; Easy breastfeeding & Machine washable.
  • The Ergobaby carrier includes all carry positions: Face baby in or out. Wear on the hip or back as baby grows
  • Custom Fit your Ergobaby 360 carrier: Easily adjusts to fit multiple wearers from petite to larger body types

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  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to breast-feed in
  • Babies like to sleep in it
  • Cooler than solid fabric carriers
  • Durable material that should last
  • Lightweight – so it’s easy to carry the baby
  • Works equally well for both moms and dads
  • Totally adjustable – so it fits almost any body type
  • Mesh is breathable (as long as you don’t use the infant insert)
  • Forward facing (kids love to be able to see the world that you see)
  • Most comfortable carrier for adults (It’s easy on the back and hips)
  • Only two buckles to clip (so it saves time getting the kids in and out)
  • Comforting feeling knowing your baby is secure and contentat all times
  • Easy to keep any excess strap material contained with the provided elastic bands
  • Versatile – can be worn in differentways (changing it up during longer outings helps)


  • No storage pocket
  • About the same size as a backpack
  • Newborn insert is an additional purchase
  • Doesn’t fall down and store as easily as wraps do it
  • Mesh material can be a little scratchy and rough on sensitive baby’s skin
  • Extra infant insert is not made of mesh material – so it can get hot and sweaty
  • Maybe a little expensive (though it’s a great investment if you use iton multiple children)

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Ergo 360 Baby Carrier – Our Verdict

For active families this Ergo 360 baby carrier makes an excellent purchase. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and your baby will love it. You can wear it hiking or take baby with you as you do your grocery shopping. It frees up cart space as well as your hands.It’s also an ideal solution when you want to go for walk, but you don’t want to take a *stroller Link *. And it’s great for traveling too. Your baby will love that they can face outwards and discover more of the world.

See our ratings for price, quality, safety and our verdict below:

Price: HIGH | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 :

For new parents, the number one thing you need is a good carrier. The Ergo 360 carrier is built to last.It’s great value for your money.We hope this review of the Ergo 360 baby carrier helps you select the right carrier for your child.