14 Advices on How To Put Baby In Crib Without Waking up

When babies are just starting to sleep through the night, it’s hard to believe that they can ever be sleeping without waking up. After all, how do you put them in their cribs without waking them up? Here are a few tips on how to put your baby to sleep in a crib without waking them up, as well as tips to help babies sleep better in general.

Tip no 1

Make sure your baby is full before you put him to bed. If he’s eaten, then he won’t feel hungry while sleeping through the night. This will prevent him from waking up suddenly for food at night. You should however, not feed your baby when he’s lying down.

Tip no 2

Keep your baby’s bedtime routine as consistent as possible during the first few months of his life. Once he’s adjusted to his regular bedtime routine, it will be easier for him to sleep through the night without waking up.

Tip no 3

You can’t put your baby in bed when she’s still crying. If you’re dealing with a fussy baby who won’t stop crying, just hold her close and try again after she falls asleep. The key is not to put her down until she finally falls asleep.

Tip no 4

Always lay your baby down flat on her back in the crib so that her spine remains straight and proper development of her muscles and bones can continue without interruption throughout the night. Never Put pillows under your baby’s head or behind his or her back, this is not safe and in cases can cause serious breathing problems. Moreover, Blankets, comforters, blankets, loose sheets, or quilts should also never be placed under a baby or in a crib; they can also pose a threat.

Tip no 5

Try putting your little one down earlier in the evening for bedtime by making sure he’s had healthy amounts of play time and exercise during the day so that he’ll be more tired when it comes down to actually laying down in his crib. It may take a few days, but giving him some extended periods of rest every day will make sleeping through the night less exhausting once you get into that routine.

Tip no 6

Put your baby in bed earlier. The more deep sleep she gets during the night, the better. If she’s used to staying up later than 11PM during the week, then revert her schedule back to an 8PM bedtime on weeknights until she learns how to fall asleep on time with no fussing.

Tip no 7

Don’t turn on any bright lights when putting your baby down for bedtime because this could upset his internal clock and make it more difficult to transition into sleep mode while getting his body ready for bedtime. Dimming the lights about an hour before bedtime would be a good idea to get him used to the dark so that he can fall asleep easier for you at night.

Tip no 8

Don’t get too excited or happy when you pick your baby up at the end of the day. If you’re outgoing and always happy during the day, then try putting on a calm demeanour before you pick him up for bedtime until it becomes his regular sleeping schedule. This way, he won’t be becoming more energetic instead of winding down like he should be since nighttime is for rest for both of you.

Tip no 9

Keep your house cool during summertime and warm enough during winter so that your baby doesn’t wake up due to the temperature.

Tip no 10

Always use a baby crib that meets all federal safety standards. If you’re buying a new bed, your best bet is to go for baby cribs with slatted sides. Not only are they safer but they’ll also allow proper air circulation so your baby won’t feel stuffy when she sleeps. Be sure to check that the slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart to prevent your baby from getting her head caught in between them.

The following article provides guidance on How to set up your baby crib bedding, be sure to read it.

Tip no 11

Keep yourself close to the baby’s sleeping area. If she’s in a crib, keep it close to yourself so you can hear and see her when you want. Also, when lowering your baby into the crib, stay close to him until he lays on the mattress. This means you will need to lower your body into the crib. Once you’ve reached down, gently take of your hands from under your baby such that they don’t notice any change.

Tip no 12

Make sure your baby isn’t crying when you put her down at night because this could disrupt her sleep cycle and make it even harder for her to fall asleep during nap time later that afternoon or early evening.

Tip no 13

You can also try putting your little one down in his crib awake but still drowsy instead of fully asleep because this makes it easier for him to fall asleep on his own without your help. Just make sure you’re close by until he’s done falling asleep.

Tip no 14

Make sure you’re not turning any lights on in your baby’s room after she’s sleeping already because this can upset her sleeping schedule and make it even harder for her to fall asleep later on that night or during nap time during the afternoon if she doesn’t seem tired yet. The darker it gets outside, the more sleepy your little one will feel which means that it’ll be easier to put her down for bedtime.

Getting children go to sleep in peace and quite can be tricky at times, but with time and patience one can get the hang of it. We hope this article has given you useful information that can aid in getting your baby into their crib without much hassle. Remember, consistency is key- the more often you put them in their crib while they are still asleep, the better chance you have of being successful!

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