How to set up baby crib bedding

How to set up baby crib bedding

With a new baby in the house, it can be hard to find time for yourself. One of the things that often gets pushed aside is setting up your baby’s bedding. It may seem like a small thing but having everything ready will help you get through those first few weeks with a smile on your face and plenty of sleep! Here are some tips to set up your little one’s crib so you can rest easy knowing they’re comfortable and safe at night.

Buy a crib

First things first, you’ll need a crib. Make sure that the wood is solid and not splintering or cracking. Try pulling on the joints to make sure that they are sturdy. Next, look at the slats. They should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so your baby can’t get their head stuck between the slats. The mattress will fit snugly in the frame, so you won’t need a sheet for it. However, make sure that there is no space between the mattress and the ends of the crib where your baby’s legs can get stuck. Also look at how low or high the mattress sits from the top of the crib. For most babies, the mattress should be even with the top of the crib or slightly below. This will ensure that your baby can’t climb out and fall. If you have a secondhand crib, make sure to check for recalls before setting it up.

Choose bedding

With your crib in hand, it’s time to add some finishing touches and make sure everything is cozy and warm for your little one! When selecting fabrics, look for pieces that are soft, breathable and comfortable. A great option is organic cotton knit because it will be easy to clean when accidents happen! You can decorate the bedding in any way you like but if you’re looking for something simple that won’t distract from the rest of your baby’s room, consider a solid color.

Put together the baby’s crib mattress

If you have purchased a standard crib, then you’ll need to set up your mattress before anything else. To do so, take out all of the pieces (you may want to label each piece with masking tape) and make sure none are missing. Once everything is assembled properly, place each side on either end of the crib frame. It should fit snugly in the frame without moving much. Moreover, endeavor in buying good quality mattresses so that your baby sleeps comfortable at night.

Add the crib skirt

The last piece of bedding is one that no one really thinks about but is pretty important. A crib skirt attaches to the bottom of the mattress and hangs down over the side of the crib, adding an extra layer between baby and any messes they might make during naps or at night. It will also help protect your child against any sharp edges on their mattress so they don’t get hurt if they bump into them while playing around after waking up.

Buy a crib sheet

Once you have the mattress into place, it’s time to look at sheets! There are three main options when it comes to sheets: organic cotton, microfiber and bamboo. Organic cotton has been treated with fewer chemicals than regular cotton so it will be more eco-friendly for you and your baby. Microfiber is soft but tends to be thinner than other fabrics which can make them unsuitable for colder months unless they’re paired with another set of sheets underneath. Finally, bamboo offers an overall smooth texture that will feel great against your skin while also being naturally antibacterial so it will be easier to clean. When deciding on the right sheet for you, just remember that simplicity is always best! The more patterns and colors you add, the harder it will be for your child to sleep peacefully at night, meaning they’ll get less rest which means you’ll spend more time soothing them back to sleep. Disruptive bedtime routines can make life difficult for everyone involved so choose pieces that are fun but simple.

Wash and care for your new bedding set

After you’ve made all of your purchases, get everything washed before bringing it home. This will ensure that no chemicals are on the fabric which can irritate your baby’s skin and that there aren’t any loose threads or bits of packaging that you didn’t notice at the store. Now that it’s clean and ready to go, make sure you put everything together before using it for the first time.

Stick with practical pieces

This last tip can be hard to remember if you’re planning on decorating the rest of the room as well but when dealing with a sleeping environment, always prioritize function over form! Look at items only in terms of how they would help your child learn, grow and feel safe and comfortable throughout their precious first year. It can be difficult sometimes to see beyond the excitement of all the different ways you could decorate a room but ultimately, it’s what your baby will remember.

–An ending note of advice: take special notice of crib’s safety when buying one, make sure it has proper spacing, proper railing, and other protective measures that can add to your baby’s safety when in crib. Make sure to buy the proper-sized mattress for crib; this will give your baby necessary space while in the crib. It is also important that the fitted sheet fits snugly into the crib so it can keep your child protected while sleeping. Avoid using extra items like bumpers, stuffed animals, blankets and pillows in the crib. Here’s an article that provides guidance on Crib safety measurements, make sure to read it.

As a new parent, you’re likely juggling lots of things. One thing that often gets overlooked is setting up your baby’s bedding to make nighttime easier for everyone involved. It may seem like a small task but having everything ready will help you get through those first few weeks with a smile on your face and plenty of sleep! We hope these tips have given you some ideas about how to set up the crib so it feels cozy and welcoming for your little one.

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