Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor Review

Total Monitoring with the Infant Optics DXR-8 Monitor

Looking for a quality monitor that does it all, yet won’t cost you a fortune? The Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor is one of the most popular on the market today – and with good reason. It’s feature-rich, easy to use, sets up anywhere, and provides real-time assurance to parents that their little ones are just fine during nap and sleep time.

As a loving parent, you want your baby to sleep soundly and for everyone in your home to be able to enjoy relative peace of mind, all night long. Infant Optics have been making the baby monitors since 2011 and in that relatively small window – they’ve sold a ton of these devices and have commanded thousands of reviews – averaging as of this writing – a solid 4.4 ranking on Amazon.

What’s In The Box?

  • Camera
  • Display Monitor
  • Printed owners manual
  • DC wall charger for the camera
  • One standard and one zoom lens
  • Rechargeable ion battery for the display monitor
  • USB style wall charger for the monitor with two different charging cords

In this short article, we’ll take a closer look at the Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Monitor to see if it’s a good match for you and your bundle of joy.

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Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor Design Details

Like most monitors, there are a couple of different components – the camera and the monitor. Both are lightweight, easy to set up at home, or to take with you whenever you travel. Focus the camera on your little one’s sleeping area and keep the monitor with you. It makes keeping a watchful eye and open ear on your little one at all times, a breeze.

What stood out immediately to me was the 3.5 inch LCD screen. It’s a full 1 inch larger than most of the competing models available. And frankly, this larger screen does make a difference – especially went your eyes are drawn to it while half asleep.

Another standout feature on the Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Monitor is that it comes with two interchangeable, optical lenses. One is a standard lens and the other – a zoom lens. There’s also a wide-angle lens that’s available at an extra cost.

With this compact camera unit, you can remotely pan, tilt, or zoom in to alter your view at any moment. This ensures you can clearly observe your child, without setting foot in their room and possibly causing a disturbance. And there’s a built-in retractable antenna to improve the range when used in different areas of your home.

It’s ready to use right out of the box and although some people up some opt for the wide-angle lens, it’s certainly not necessary. Having a wider view is probably more useful to those with toddlers who tend to move around a lot more than a baby.
Controls are accessible, easy to use, and intuitive. There’s a built-in kickstand on the monitor, so that you can prop it up on a night table to more easily view your child’s nursery or bedroom as you rest your head on your pillow. As a mom, it’s nice to be able to feel like you’re right there with your child – even though they may be a few rooms away.

Designed for multiple applications, the DXR​ 8 camera can be securely mounted to a wall, or simply placed on top of a dresser or shelf in your baby’s room. It’s a self-contained unit that’s different from those Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors. This one doesn’t require a reliable connection at all. What it provides is instant video footage and real-time audio – without any delay.

Daytime video images are clear and in full color. At night, the camera automatically switches to invisible infrared night vision. At this point the image shifts the black-and-white. But you can still clearly see your baby and all their surroundings. Built into the monitor is a remote temperature display, so you can monitor the temperature inside their room, to make them as comfortable and cozy as possible.

You can remotely control the pan, tilt, and zoom features from a distance – smoothly and quietly – so it won’t disturb your sleeping infant.

There’s a built in alarm function let you know when your battery is low or your camera has gone out of range. With older models, this apparently was a huge problem due to the volume of the sound. But the manufacturer has since made adjustments and now there’s an option to toggle the alarm sound off altogether.

Another cool feature the Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor offers is that it can accommodate up to four different cameras. This means you can monitor multiple kids from a single monitor. And you can set it so that it cycles through all 4 rooms – or you can focus in on one at a time – your choice.

This model serves as an intercom system, offering two way talking capability. This is useful for talking your child back to sleep, or for communicating with another adult who’s in the room and in need some supplies.

The DXR-8 battery is designed to last for 10 hours in power saving mode and 6 hours when the full display is on constantly. In most cases, you won’t need the full visual. Thanks to the strong audio pick-up, you can easily listen in and know your baby is safe.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of useful features that any mom (or dad, for that matter) would find particularly helpful.

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  • One optical zoom lens included
  • First-ever monitor with interchangeable optical lens capability
  • Large 3.5 inches full color LCD display with sound-activated display
  • Remote pan, tilt, digital zoom and customize viewing angle and zoom
  • Long battery life,10 hours on power-saving mode, 6 hours with screen on

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Why Parents Love The Infant Optics DXR-8 Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens

You can sleep soundly knowing that your baby is safe. The remote in room temperature display helps keep tabs of the comfort level in the room. You can monitor the audio constantly, without having the screen on and extend the use you get from a single charge.

There’s a set of LED lights that allows you to visually observe the sound of your baby’s voice. With this option, you’ll know if you need to check on the baby or let them fall back to sleep on their own – without actually hearing the sound. For work at home moms like me – this feature is worth its weight in gold.

The DXR-8 makes it easier to monitor your child at any point, day or night, from any area of your home. just take the monitor with you to the kitchen, laundry room, or your home office – wherever you happen to be. You can even take it out in the yard or on the deck and be able to keep an eye on your little one.

When the Infant Optics DXR-8 Monitor is operating in power saving mode, the screen turns off while the sound remains on. So you can constantly hear them breathing. And lets face it – that sound is a beautiful thing. You can also set this devise up where the LCD display is sound activated. With this setting, the screen will instantly come on when the baby makes a sound.

PROS: Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Monitor

Here in list form are the most common things other parents like most about the Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor:

  • No Wi-Fi required
  • Picks up sounds well
  • Strong signal strength
  • Two times zoom let you get up close
  • Interchangeable lenses gives you options
  • Temperature monitoring feature is a nice add-on
  • Easy to operate – just set it up, plug it in and turn it on
  • It’s easy to add additional cameras to monitor multiple kids
  • Can easily move the camera lens around to monitor the entire room
  • Monitor comes with a sturdy kickstand – so it doesn’t tip over easily
  • Clear, crisp color images in daylight and reasonably good IR visuals at night
  • Camera movement (pan and tilt feature) is quiet enough to keep kids sleeping
  • Standard USB means it can be recharged via any USB cable or back up battery
  • Excellent talk feature – clear sound (as though you’re in the room with your child)
  • Range is generally very good (so you can use this one in various areas of your home)
  • Screen is large enough that you can view a good portion of the baby’s room – without using the wide-angle or pan/zoom feature
  • Decent battery life – you can charge it at night and pretty much use it 24/7 (It charges relatively fast – even while you’re using the device)
  • You have the ability to control it so it doesn’t blind you in the middle of the night – you can dim the visual display which is helpful for light-sensitive sleepers

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CONS: Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Baby Monitor

Below is a summary of the most common things parents don’t like or say needs improvement about the Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor:

  • Wide-angle lens must be purchased separately
  • Signal can be interrupted when near a cell phone
  • Camera’s built-in thermostat may not be precisely accurate
  • Beeping alarm when it’s running low on batteries can be annoying
  • Audio is always on (while this is a plus for some, it may annoy others
  • The blue light that shows the “fully charged” status of the monitor is bright
  • In time, the power cord doesn’t fit as snugly into the monitor, making it difficult to recharge
  • No split screen functionality (you can only view one camera at a time, or set up the scan mode to cycles through each camera at regular intervals
  • Over time, the battery seems less able to hold a charge (although, this can usually be helped by disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes and plugging it back in)

Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor, Our Verdict

For keeping tabs on your baby as you get on with your day (and so you can sleep soundly at night), you need a monitor you can count on. You want something that performs consistently and reliably – delivering crisp, clear visuals and picking up sounds exceptionally well.

In my experience, this is exactly what the Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor does. It’s up to any child monitoring task a parent could ask of it and therefore it’s worth considering. That’s not something I can say about a lot of monitors out there today. The DXR-8 is not the cheapest unit on the market. But it is one of the best. My baby is worth it – and yours is too.

​​Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Monitor; see our ratings for price, quality, safety and our verdict below.

Price: MEDIUM | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 :

We hope this Infant Optics DXR​ 8 Video Baby Monitor review helps you with your search for the right ​baby monitor for your child.