CuddleNest (Haven) by The LoLueMade:

The LoLueMade’s CuddleNest Mini (Haven): Newborn, Baby and Infant Lounger Review

Do your newborn demand to be held in your arms all the time? Do they get fussy every time you put them down? If yes, you must be having a tough time, making you tired and unable to do anything else! Well, you won’t be having this problem if you had got yourself a baby lounger!

Don’t worry! It’s still not too late! You can give yourself a break without upsetting the baby by getting the LoLueMade CuddleNest Baby Lounger!

Want to know more about LoLueMade? Then scroll down to read the whole post and find out why this lounger is a lifesaver for parents!

CuddleNest (Haven) by The LoLueMade: Newborn, Baby and Infant Lounger Overview

LoLueMade CuddleNest Lounger for babies is an ultra-soft, most hygienic, and stylish infant lounger. The CuddleNest is an award-winning baby nest lounger due to its soft feel and baby skin-friendly fabrics. Designed for zero to eight months old babies, the CuddleNest, let new mothers relax by providing them with hands-free interactions with their baby. With full lounger dimensions of 32 Inches x 19 Inches, the CuddleNest is baby safe and perfect for lounging, playing, tummy time, and much more for your growing toddler.

This one-of-a-kind baby bedding or lounger is a perfect gift for new parents, as the baby loves its super soft and secure feel!

Product Highlights

Innovative Design Mimics Womb

The CuddleNest by LolueMade uses an innovative design that mimics the natural mother womb. While you can enjoy bonding time with your baby without holding them into your arms, this womb-inspired infant lounger also provides excellent support for the baby. Featuring the best-in-the-market mattress for padding and hypoallergenic bumpers, your baby feels safe and secure. The use of a baby-friendly, soft-touch cover makes CuddleNest the perfect resting station giving new parents a moment to relax.

Baby Safe With Zero Harmful Substances

Keeping in mind the sensitive skin and delicate nature of babies, the LoLueMade company has created a baby nest that is 100% baby safe. All fabrics and materials used in the manufacturing of CuddleNest are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non-heat harboring. Not only does the lounger provide great body support to the baby, but it also creates an excellent micro-climate allowing cuddling, playing, lounging, resting, or quiet time. Moreover, the covers come with child-safe zipper pulls, making your family life easier, fun safe!

High Quality and Durable Fabrics

When it comes to the durability of the LoLueMade lounger, it doesn’t disappoint. The lounger is made from high-quality materials that are durable and tested for performance. The hypoallergenic polyester used in the bumpers and 100% organic cotton covers have excellent fabric performance. The lounger only uses high-quality hassle-free zippers that withstand the machine washing and multiple pulls without tearing apart.

Ultra Soft Breathable Cotton

CuddleNest Newborn Lounger is the talk of the town because of its ultra-soft cotton cover, mattress pad, and bumpers. Not only is the cover ultra-soft but also breathable. The cover and the mattress pad offer perfect air permeability, making the lounger non-heat harboring, providing a safe and comfortable environment for the little one. The CuddleNest uses a high-density mattress pad, so the lounger feels soft while providing great spinal support.

Perfect Size Baby Nest

The CuddleNest Newborn lounger is an excellent investment designed to carry your infants and growing toddlers. The full lounger dimensions are 32 Inches x 19 Inches with mattress pad dimensions of 25 Inches x 10 Inches. It means your baby can enjoy resting in this non-toxic, comfortable micro-climate super soft baby lounger for up to a suitable age.

Elegant and Stylish Patterns

Who said baby loungers have to be plain and boring? Well, not the LoLueMade Company! The CuddleNest baby lounger not only looks elegant, but you can find its ultra-soft cover in many stylish patterns. Some of the best-selling cuddle nest cover designs include pink lemonade, fairy-tale blue, fiesta, and dream.

Multi-functional Newborn Nest

Imagine having a baby lounger that’s not only a resting station for your baby but can also be perfect for other activities? It’d be amazing! That’s why the LoLouemade Company CuddleNest lounger is known as the “life savior” for parents. This newborn lounger has a great micro-climate allowing your baby to enjoy tummy time. Due to nontoxic fabrics free of harmful substances, your baby can enjoy playing, lounging, resting, quiet time, and even practice sitting. The bumpers and the high-density mattress foam pad provide great support to the baby during tummy time and sitting up. This lounger can also be used as a diaper changing station allowing parents a quick and hassle-free change.

Fantastic Portability

With the CuddleNest Infant lounger, you can have hands-free interaction with your baby even on the go. Its lightweight design, carry handles, and dust covers make it perfect for on-the-go parents.

Machine Washable

A good fact about the CuddleNest baby nest is that its high-quality, durable materials are free from harmful substances, machine washable, and easy to clean. The zipper pulls used in the lounger cover make it easy to remove the cover.

Excellent For Bed Sharing

As the LoLueMade baby nest uses a breathable cotton cover, mattress, and hypoallergenic polyester bumpers, it is an excellent baby device for bed-sharing. Compared to most baby loungers, the bumpers have the ideal height that prevents suffocation while keeping the baby safe from bumping into the parents.


  • The baby uses a high-density mattress foam pad.
  • The award-winning newborn nest uses extra cushioned bumpers filled with hypoallergenic polyester.
  • You may use it for co-sleeping.
  • It features built-in carry handles and a dust cover, making it portable.
  • The fabrics used are non-heat harboring.
  • Machine washable, ultra-soft, high-quality, durable materials.
  • It is multi-functional.
  • It comes in various cover designs, including the pink lemonade.


  • Safety measures are not quite significant.
  • Only intended for supervised use.
  • Runs a little small for babies more than six months.

Is It Safe For Co-sleeping?

The CuddleNest Infant baby lounger uses a 100% soft, breathable cotton cover combined with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, high-density memory foam mattress and polyester bumpers. Due to this design, the CuddleNest Lounger Newborn Nest helps to reduce disruptions for parents. Moreover, the raised side bumpers act as anti-roll and anti-bump for babies. The non-heat harboring fabrics create an excellent micro-climate allowing the baby to sleep comfortably without getting too hot. The LoLueMade Company claims that their newborn nest is safe for bed-sharing and co-sleeping with all these features.

According to the online reviews by parents who have used this infant nest lounger, it agrees with the company’s claims. Also, nothing hasn’t been reported about the CuddleNest lounger that may suggest it can’t be used for co-sleeping.

However, some parents and the AAP suggest that any baby lounger, no matter how safe they are, should only be used for supervised activities. Even then, the AAP doesn’t include supervised co-sleeping in those activities. They strictly have that infants should sleep in a crib without any extra bedding in their guidelines.

But if you are a parent who doesn’t want their baby to sleep in the crib at night, the LoLueMade Baby Nest Lounger may be a safe option for co-sleeping.

Price Perspective

In the market, the Cuddlenest by LoLueMade comes with a price tag of $99.95 exclusive of shipping charges. Now let’s break down whether this lounger is a bang for your every buck or not.

We have reviewed the price of the cuddle nest lounger in light of its durability (fabric quality), safety, and useability.

Speaking of the fabric and material quality, the CuddleNest uses high-quality, durable, breathable and machine washable materials. Additionally, the use of hypoallergenic poly filler and cotton with zero toxic substances and co-sleeping safe feature somehow justifies the price.

However, according to the manufacturers, this lounger is intended for babies between 0 to 8 months old. That’s precisely where the problem begins. Despite the full lounger (45 Inches x 25 Inches), Mattress Pad Dimensions (35 Inches x 13 Inches), several customers have reported that their babies outgrew the lounger after six months.

Considering CuddleNest lounger to be a short-term solution, the price is high. Not to forget that you would also need to purchase additional lounger covers.

Final Thoughts!

If you are looking for a co-sleeping solution, the CuddleNest is one of the best baby lounger options you have. It offers safe co-sleeping features without compromising on high-quality materials and builds.

While there is no doubt that the CuddleNest lounger for Infants is great for lounging, resting, playing, and quiet time, it is difficult to say that it’s a wise choice.

Undoubtedly your baby’s safety should be the top priority when choosing a baby lounger. However, you must also consider other factors like the price, portability, and how long your baby can use the baby lounger!

It’s your money and your choice, so choose wisely!

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