Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor Buying Guide

For a long time, Sudden Infant Death (SID) has been a source of anxiety and grief for parents.

To ensure the safety and uninterrupted monitoring of your infant’s heart rate and breathing, outlet care developed a safe device to use. It provides the parent with continuous, uninterrupted monitoring of their children’s heart rate and breathing.

Owlet Baby Monitors have developed a new technology called the Smart sock that allows mothers to keep an eye on their infants and be assured of their safety at all times throughout the day and night.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor Buying Guide

About 83% of  the Owlet Baby Monitor users say it helps them sleep better at night because they know their baby is safe and will be alerted promptly if anything goes wrong.

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor  stock watch is designed to suit the needs of parents and their babies, and some of its key features and advantages are discussed below.

Key Features and Advantages

Heart Rate Monitor

This smart sock works on the same principle as the pulse oximeter used in hospitals. It precisely monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level, allowing mothers to rest comfortably, knowing that they will be getting the most out of their money spent on this product.

Owlet Smart Green Sock Baby Monitor - Track Heart Rate & Oxygen Levels - With Smart Notifications - See Hours Slept and Historical Trends - The Ultimate Baby Monitor for Peace of Mind

Sends multiple alerts

Although the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor has preset levels, you can also set a threshold at which you want to be notified if the baby’s heart rate drops below the threshold. In that case, you will receive an alert via your mobile app as well as a loud beep sound on the charging station and docking, giving you the luxury of time to administer CPR to the baby before they stop breathing.

User friendly

Through an app on your phone, you can keep track of your baby’s blood sugar levels in live instant time, and the interface on your mobile phone is quite simple to use and comprehend. Even when everything is doing well, you should still check in with them to see how they are getting along. You may thus leave your baby with your grandmother, run errands, or go shopping and check on them to ensure that their small heart is still beating within expected norms. Keeping an eye on your child either in a daycare or when home with your husband or wife is also a terrific benefit of this device.

Owlet Smart Green Sock Baby Monitor - Track Heart Rate & Oxygen Levels - With Smart Notifications - See Hours Slept and Historical Trends - The Ultimate Baby Monitor for Peace of Mind

Multi-users and a wide range of coverage

Several mobile phones may be linked to a single owlet stock sock. Several distant family members can connect to the same single owlet stock sock, providing you with the convenience of having multiple individuals watching your kid, which is a good thing, right? Then, to take advantage of these features, get the owlet smart sock baby monitor from Amazon now. Aside from supporting multiple users, these owlet sock have a broad range of coverage in terms of distance range, making it impossible for you to watch your kid from a distance.

Comfortable for your baby

Baby will be comfortable in the owlet baby monitor stocking sock, which is lightweight and silky. It can be worn beneath pyjamas when your baby is awake and while your baby is sleeping. When it comes to your baby’s comfort and safety, the owlet stock sock is your best choice, for all mothers.

It comes in various sizes

One of the best features of the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor is that it comes in three different sizes, allowing you to use it for the entire first twelve months of your baby’s life with no problems. This makes the product more beneficial since you wont like to spend money on something that your child would outgrow in a short period.

Owlet Smart Green Sock Baby Monitor - Track Heart Rate & Oxygen Levels - With Smart Notifications - See Hours Slept and Historical Trends - The Ultimate Baby Monitor for Peace of Mind

Easy to Clean

Babies are not aware of the distinction between clean and filthy. As a result, the stock sock may be in danger of becoming dirty consistently due to the baby’s activities.

Because all electrical components are removable, it is pretty simple to wash and clean them. This safeguards the delicate electronic components while also cleaning them simple.

These characteristics are intended to provide you with a positive and enjoyable parenting experience.

Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions by parents concerning the owlet stock sock below.

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Product Reviews

  • 4.6 stars on Owlet Care
  • 4 stars on Amazon
  • 4.5 stars on Viewpoints
  • 4.5 stars on BuyBuyBaby


Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions by parents concerning the owlet stock sock below.

When Should I Stop Using The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor?

About 90% of all Sudden Infant Death (SID) cases occur in newborns under the age of 6 months. So, you may be able to discontinue the usage of the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor after 6 months for a healthy infant or after 9 months. Some individuals like to keep the sock on for an extended period.

How long does Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor battery last?

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 Monitor battery has long battery life. You might not charge it for days and still get to use it. It requires 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged and has a lifespan of around 18 hours on a single charge.

Do I Need a WiFi to Use The Owlet Smart Sock?

Your Owlet Smart Sock 2 monitor will function even if you do not have access to WiFi. You will continue to get alerts, but they will come from your base station, loud enough. On the other hand, WiFi is required if you wish to get phone notifications or receive remote updates.

What is the function of the Owlet Smart Sock?

The Owlet Smart Sock continuously monitors your infant’s oxygen level and heart rate. If your baby’s breathing stops, the monitor will send you an alarm from the base station as well as through your mobile phone. According to the manufacturer, this smart sock is the most advanced baby monitor presently available on the market.

Is the Owlet Sock a safe purchase?

Except in the case that you allow the Owlet Sock to offer you false security and fail to take the other suggested actions to safeguard your kid from Sudden Infant Death, the Owlet Sock is perfectly safe.


You might get a false alarm, and the device sometimes generates “yellow” false alarms. Some of these may be due to the sock cable being disconnected from the base. As previously said, some of them are caused by the sock coming off the baby’s foot. On the other hand, others seem to be due to a loss of connection between the device and the base or for no apparent reason. Although most individuals have never had this issue, it can sometimes be a little alarming when you wake up thinking something is wrong.

My Final Verdict 

There isn’t something more important to mothers and mother-to-be than the safety of their unborn children. It is well worth the expense to know that my baby is secure, and if anything should ever go wrong, I want to be there to do all in my power to assist him.

Even though it is pricey, it is reusable. Because it will most likely still have plenty of life left in it, you may use it for all of your babies and sell it or gift it after you are done using it.

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