Pello Multi-Use Baby Pillow and Lounger Review Guide

Pello Multi-Use Baby Pillow and Lounger Review Guide

If you or someone you know are expecting babies, then you must be finalizing the baby items to get on the registry. While you may have to decide on the other baby essentials, we have a suggestion for one item – the Pello multi-use baby lounger.

It is a versatile baby lounger that can be used in so many ways, making it a truly unique gift for new parents to be.

Not convinced yet why you should buy the Pello multi purpose infant and toddler lounger? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. We have done our research and reviewed the Pello baby lounger in detail, making it easy for you to decide.

Pello Multi-use Luxe Infant Lounger Overview

Pello multi-use luxe toddler floor pillow is a unique multipurpose support pillow. Not only it is recommended for infants but also best for your toddlers as well. Don’t confuse pello with just a pillow. It can be used as a play mat, security blanket, changing station, lounger, or much more. Though the shape of the pello multi use luxe floor pillow is not like the womb, it still provides safety, comfort, and reassurance to the infants. It has a soft centre with raised sides that cuddles the baby, making them feel like they are held in your arms. What makes this multi use luxe toddler floor pillow stand out and a perfect gift for parents to be is the pello dimension. Unlike most baby loungers, pello features a large size making it usable for more than 12 months.

Product Highlights

Recommended For Infants and toddlers

Usually, the babies outgrow most of the baby loungers in just a few months (between 6 to 9 months). But pello multi use floor pillow is designed to be used for years, which makes it a truly unique gift for parents to be. Pello is manufactured with dimensions that can fit the infants as well as for the toddlers, making it one of the most cherished items for parents.

Unisex Lounger

Whether it’s a baby girl or a baby boy, the pello floor pillow is a perfect gift for both. It comes in multiple beautiful fabrics that feature unisex designs. Due to its eccentric designs and fabrics, this luxurious item is indeed a memorable one. Buy it for your little guy or gal and give them one of the best things that can stay with them for years.

Multi-Use Floor Pillow

What makes this pello baby floor pillow a luxurious item is its versatility. Pello not just claim but also have delivered a product that is functional. Use it as a baby lounger for your infant for supervised lounging and enjoy yourself hands-free interaction. Not just as a lounger, pello multi use luxe baby lounger can also serve as a floor pillow, play mat, and security blanket. It can be used for practising sitting or enjoying belly time on the pello pillow play mat lounger. That’s not just all; this is a toddler floor pillow play mat for your child’s pretend play. It can also be used as an obstacle course for crawling, pillow for watching TV or reading for older kids.

Durable Kid-Friendly fabrics

When it comes to the safety of your child, pello doesn’t disappoint. It is manufactured with durable kid-friendly fabrics that are safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. The cover is made from 100% cotton that is soft and breathable. The fabrics are hand-selected by the pello team that are not only fashionable but also functional. Instead of mattress padding, the pello floor pillow uses luxe brushed poly filling. Pello uses a 100% hypoallergenic and flame retardant polyester. With cotton and luxe brushed poly, pello ensures the safety of your child through untold accidents. With pello, your child always has a clean surface that is free from germs for snuggling.

Completely Portable & Travel Friendly

With a Pello toddler floor pillow play mat and security blanket, your child can have safety and comfort even on the go. Pello proudly designed a toddler floor pillow play mat that features two sturdy handles so you can carry hands-free. With two sturdy handles, the pello play mat folds smoothly like a taco making it portable and travel friendly.

Loops for Hanging Toys

Pello understands how babies feel attached to their favorite toys. This is why the pello design team inserted a 6.5″ square peek-a-boo pocket, padded, 9.5″ handles, and loops on the sides designed to easily attach your little one’s favorite toys. With babies favorite toys attached to the pillow mat, the pello soft center cuddles, the baby stays calm or sleeps soundly, feeling safe.

Completely Washable

The hand selected cotton and brushed poly fabrics are easy to clean and dry. The pello fabrics used to manufacture this amazing floor baby lounger are completely machine washable. It means that you can wash it whole or just the cover.

Suitable For Any Surface

It is not wrong to say that pello can do endless wonders for your babies. Manufactured with cotton and luxe brushed poly pello fabrics, this amazing baby floor mat slash pillow can be used on flat surfaces, grass, or sand.


  • The cotton and brushed poly pello fabrics are hypoallergenic.
  • Pello features a flame retardant polyester filler.
  • The pello fabrics are completely washable.
  • The carry handles make it completely portable.
  • The only product that can be used to practice sitting, tummy time, pretend play, or a lounging pad to watch tv.
  • Available in multiple beautiful fabrics that are fashionable and functional.
  • Pello dimension is a 34″ circumference with 7″, making it perfect for infants and toddlers.
  • Loops and peek-a-boo pocket for attaching toys.


  • It doesn’t feature a buckle closed when folded.
  • The size may be too large for newborn babies.
  • The large size may make it difficult to carry.

How Safe is Pello For Infants and toddlers?

Pello is one of the safest toddler floor pillow play mats on the market. It meets both United States and European safety standards. The circular design with raised sides prevents falling or rolling over for the infants. The fabrics are hand-selected by the pello team to ensure the safety of your child. With a 100% hypoallergenic and flame retardant polyester, Pello proves its excellence through untold accidents. The cotton used to make pello’s covers are soft, breathable, nontoxic, and breathable – making pello completely kid-friendly.

Is it recommended for co-sleeping or sleeping device?

Pello toddler floor pillow plat mat lounger is undoubtedly one of the most loved pello products among parents. Pello serves as a perfect counterpart for practicing sitting, lounging pad for tummy time, or a comfy spot for watching tv.

Although the soft center cuddles the babies and gives reassurance and comfort, the pello toddler floor pillow play mat lounger is not recommended as a sleeping lounge. For parents who prefer co-sleeping should not think of this pillow play mat lounger as a co-sleeper for their infants.

While it is not good as an infant bed, pello serves as a lounging pad for toddlers. It is safe for toddlers to snuggle and sleep into the pello pillow. However, even then, the parents should not leave their kids unsupervised.

Price Perspective

At Amazon, the price of a pello Multi-use Luxe lounger is $129.99, exclusive of shipping charges. At first glance, most parents would think that oh, that’s too pricey! But when you come to know the pello features and their functionality, the price seems justified. It is not yet another onesie or just a pillow that becomes useless once your baby starts to roll.

The pello creates a permanent bond with your little guy or gal, and the kids remain attached to this multi-functional pillow. It grows with your baby, creating a bond of feeling safe. Due to this functionality and fashionable fabrics, pello is one of the most cherished items that you can get for your baby.

Is Pello Multi-Use Lounger For Infants Worth Buying?

Yes, the pello infant and multipurpose toddler lounger undoubtedly are worth buying. It serves as a lounging pad, support pillow during tummy time and is perfect for practicing sitting. With multiple-use and stylish fabrics, this multipurpose lounger is true of kind baby item.

It stays with your baby for years, serving as a play mat or security blanket. And not to forget that it’s completely portable and machine washable. The price may be high, but if you want just the best for your baby, then pello is the only product that’s worth considering.

So whether it’s you or someone close to you who are expecting a baby, make sure to get this baby item on your list. It can be a perfect and unique gift for the parents to be that can do endless wonders.

If you want to explore more options for baby loungers, then you can read the detailed reviews on our website.

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