10 Reasons Why Do Babies Cry in Their Sleep and Constantly Wake Up

10 Reasons Why Do Babies Cry in Their Sleep and Constantly Wake Up

Maybe you’ve noticed your baby cry in his or her sleep. It can be frustrating not knowing what causes this, but fear not! In today’s blog post we will explore some common reasons and solutions for why they do it.

1. Nightmares

A nightmare is a terrifying dream that isn’t real but may cause you to cry out in your sleep as if it were real. This can be caused by something as simple as watching a scary movie before bedtime or being exposed to violence and crime on the news. Babies have very vivid imaginations just like adults do, so they may also experience nightmares.

If your baby wakes up crying after a bad dream, sit with them until they calm down and drift back off to sleep for the rest of the night.

2. Separation anxiety

If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and does not see his mother, he’d probably start crying.

Try feeding your infant just before bedtime if they wake up during the night due to separation anxiety so that they have something in their stomachs to ease their hunger pangs before they go to sleep.

3. Hungry

During the night, babies may wake up crying if they are hungry or if they need to change their diapers. As soon as their stomachs start feeling empty, the little ones may become grumbly and irritable. Therefore, make sure to keep some milk handy for them before they go to bed!

4. Teething

Teething can also be a reason that a baby cries upon waking up in the middle of the night.

A baby’s gums will be sore and tender and they will want to chew on something to ease the pain. You can give them a cold washcloth or safe object to chew on to help with the discomfort. If your baby is waking up more frequently than usual, check their mouth for any swollen gums or teeth that are coming in.

5. Dirty Diapers

This goes along with being hungry but it is worth mentioning separately because it is one of the most common reasons babies cry during the night. A dirty diaper can cause discomfort and be an annoyance during the night when all you want to do is have a deep sleep.

Make sure you have a decent number of diapers and wipes on hand so that you can change your baby as soon as they start to cry. Every parent knows that when your baby starts to cry, you may need a few things, especially diapers and wipes.

6. illnesses

A common reason babies cry during the night is that they are sick. If your baby is cranky and constantly waking up, there might be something physically bothering them that can cause discomfort and pain.

Check to see if their nose is runny or if their body temperature feels hot. These could all be signs of a cold or another illness that has either an infection or a fever associated with it. Take them to a doctor to further examine if they have an illness.

7. Developmental Milestones

Babies will go through different developmental milestones as they grow and learn new things. One of these milestones may be getting used to a bedtime routine or learning how to sleep through the night without needing a parent’s help.

Each baby will reach this milestone at their own pace so do not be discouraged if your baby is still waking up during the night even though they are almost a year old. Remember that each baby learns and grows at his/her own pace, so don’t feel low if your little one is taking longer than others.

8. Wetness

If your baby constantly wakes up during the night to have their diaper changed, it might not mean anything serious but just that they need to be changed more frequently than other babies who do not wake up so often at night.

Try to keep a stash of fresh diapers and wipes next to your baby’s crib so you can change them as soon as they start to cry.

9. Cold

Make sure that your baby’s room is kept at a warm temperature. During cold weather, if your baby’s bedroom is not warm enough and it is cold outside, he or she may wake up crying because they are cold. The room where babies sleep should be comfortable and draft-free.

It is important that the temperature in the room is not too warm so that your baby does not overheat. Besides irritating your baby, too much warmth (and overheating) can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

10. Colic

Babies who suffer from colic will cry inconsolably for hours at a time, without any clear reason. There is no known cure for colic but you can try methods to soothe the crying baby such as using a pacifier or giving your baby an infant massage. If your baby is crying frequently and you have ruled out all of the other possibilities, it might be worth taking them to a doctor to see if they might have colic or any other underlying problem.

Although it can be frustrating when you cannot help your baby sleep, or when they’re constantly crying during the night. it is important to try and identify the reason why they can’t sleep or stop crying. Being aware of the most common causes of babies crying during the night can help you better prepare yourself and take action to help soothe your child.

Here’s an article that provides information on Colic, and its treatments. Do check it out.


Remember, babies are so precious and they don’t have the words to tell us what’s wrong. They need our help! So be on the lookout for signs that your baby is not feeling well or needs something more than you can provide like feeding, changing nappies/diapers, holding them close, etc. In today’s blog post we explored some of the common reasons for this phenomenon and how you can resolve them.

Your baby’s sleep is important for their health and well-being. If you are still struggling to find a solution or if their cries sound unresolved, please talk with your doctor about the situation so they can help solve whatever problem may be causing these symptoms!

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