Snuggle Me Organic Cotton Lounger review

Snuggle Me Organic Cotton Lounger – Is It Worth It?

Snuggle Me Organic Cotton Lounger – Is It Worth It?

Every mom and dad wants nothing but the best for their little ones. If you will be a parent soon or someone in your family or friend is having a baby, you must get the snuggle me organic lounger on the list.

Not only does this lounger provide comfort and safety to the baby, but it also allows hands-free interaction with their little bundle of joy.

But why buy the snuggle me organic baby lounger when you can use any baby lounger?

We understand that You need to make sure that this baby lounger is nothing but best for your baby.

Worry less, as we have already done the research and reviewed the snuggle me organic baby lounger for you.

We have mentioned every important aspect in the review of this most helpful product to make an informed decision.

Let’s get started!

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger – Overview

The snuggle me organic baby lounger is a sensory infant lounger recommended for infants between 0 to 9 months. It is a unique lounging pad that is not padded. Snuggle me organic is made with GOTS certified organic, non-toxic breathable materials. This lounger is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. It is designed uniquely that snuggle your baby while keeping them safe. The snuggle me organic is the best baby gift for new moms and dads, allowing them to rest while their baby gets reassurance of being held in your arms.

Product Highlights

Organic Materials:

This unique baby lounger is designed keeping in mind the sensitive baby skin. The snuggle me support pillow is manufactured using 100% organic cotton and fabrics. The materials used are organic and non toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

Non-Padded Filling:

Unlike most baby loungers that use a mattress as padding, the snuggle me baby lounger entrust local Minnesota seamstresses and fillers. It is filled with virgin polyester fiber fill that feels soft and provides comfort to the baby. The polyester fiber fill also supports the baby’s spine encouraging natural growth.

Cuddling Sling Design:

Your baby feels the warmth and sensation of being held even when not in your arms. Because of the snuggle me lounger’s unique lounging pad sling cuddling design. The unique lounging pad, designed to hug the baby’s full body. The head and torso nestle perfectly in the snuggle me lounger while the legs drape over the bottom edge.

Snuggling Sensations:

Due to its unique sling cuddling design, the snuggle me lounger gives a snuggling sensation to the baby. The snuggling sensation is highly effective at calming the baby. As a result, the baby feels safe and gets maximum reassurance even when not held in your arms.

Machine Washable:

No doubt babies are adorable, but they are messy. So new mothers need baby items that are easy to wash. Snuggle me lounger is a unique lounger that uses virgin polyester fillers with the crafting of each snuggle lounger. The use of fiber filler makes this baby lounger machine washable. Use cold water and a mild detergent to wash the snuggle me lounger.

Easy Dry:

Snuggle me organic infant lounger is easy to wash and easy to dry. After the wash, you can use a cool temperature setting in your dryer or leave it to air dry.

Travel Friendly:

Going on a trip and want your baby to snuggle comfortably? The snuggle me organic baby lounger is a great way to keep your baby close while on the go. This lounger’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.


The snuggle me lounger is a versatile product used as a day bassinet and supervised lounging, tummy time, or sitting up. It can also be used as a changing pad for changing diapers. It gives the new mothers an extra hand, allowing them to cook meals, work, or relax while their baby stays safe and comfy in the lounger completely.

Includes Rigid Controls

Made in the United States of America, GOTS is one of the most rigorous organic standards on the market today, with stringent chemical use and working conditions control, among other things. Providing the comfort and safety of arms, the organic snuggle lounger calms the baby when you need a hands-free moment.


  • The snuggle me loungers are USA made.
  • It is a fully machine washable lounger hence hassle-free cleaning.
  • Easy to dry in a few minutes.
  • Snuggle me baby lounger blends seamlessly and provides non-intrusive support aid.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • It is manufactured with organic cotton & breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics.
  • The fiber filling gives extra support by promoting fetal position.
  • The cuddle sling pad designed to hug your baby’s full body providing reassuring support.
  • It is a multi-functional support pillow.


  • Snuggle me baby lounger is not recommended for unsupervised use.
  • The lounger as a sleep device for co-sleeping or night sleeping is not safe.
  • The central groove of the lounger may be too small.
  • The fabrics may retain heat.
  • Not usable for nine months baby. Safe to be used until the baby starts to roll.

Snuggle Me Baby Lounger and Co-sleeping.

While the lounger is an excellent support pillow to be used for supervised lounging, it is not recommended by the AAP to be used as a sleep device. Some parents who have used the snuggle me organic original baby lounger have reported that it is safe for supervised naps or sleeping.

Many people have confused the snuggle me lounger as a sleep device. However, the AAP and the Snuggle Me have set the guidelines to use snuggle me loungers for supervised use only. According to the Snuggle Me, their loungers are not designed for cribs or bassinets or as a co-sleeping device.

It is recommended to lay the snuggle me lounger on a flat and firm surface. Don’t put any extra cushioning or uneven blankets on the lounger to ensure safety.

Reasons You Should Get Snuggle Me Lounger

Cradled laying position.

When we say that snuggle me infant lounger hug your baby’s full body, it is not just a tagline. Snuggle me lounger does just that to your little one. Due to the centre sling design, the sides of the lounger surround the baby’s full-body, giving a padded arm-like hug. The fiber filling provides a deep, padded little nest so that the infant feels to be held in your arms. With its cradled position, the snuggle me lounger is a unique solution for fussy babies who don’t like to be laid down on flat mattresses.

Prevents startling awake.

Have you heard of the startle or Moro reflex? The sudden feeling like you are falling during sleep? It is more common and frequent in babies. The snuggle me lounger pad designed to hug your baby’s full body; this snuggling sensation prevents the startling reflex.

Safe spine position.

The purpose of sling design is not to surround the baby’s full body. The sling lounger is a unique way to provide a little raised and non-padded comfy spot for the babies. Due to the sling, the spine stays neutral without putting stress on the spine. Moreover, this design also prevents turning or rolling.

Recreates the womb.

The babies feel safe inside their mother’s womb. When they come out of the cozy womb, they feel like they are out in the open. This feeling makes their unrest. The snuggle me infant lounger recreates the womb-like cozy, and secure environment for the babies. As a result, the baby stays content and feels reassured even when not held by the parents.

Price Perspective

The snuggle me infant lounger comes at a price tag of $99.00. Though baby loungers are more expensive than the snuggle me lounger, it is a bit over-priced.

The lounger is undoubtedly is a lifesaver for new parents as it allows them to relax and interact with babies without holding them in their arms all the time.

On the other hand, certain aspects of this lounger make it overpriced. First, this snuggles me lounger is only practical for supervised use. It means you can’t leave your baby unattended in loungers. Also, it is not a safe support pillow for co-sleeping.

Secondly, the sling falls short for most babies. Some parents have reported that their baby outgrows the lounger within a couple of months.

Lastly, when the baby starts to roll over, the snuggle me baby lounger is no more a safe lounging or tummy time pad. On average, this lounger works up to 4.5 or 5 months maximum.

So overall, spending extra bucks on something so temporary might not be too great.

Is Snuggle Me Worth It?

Snuggle me organic cotton lounger is a decent lounger to give an extra hand to new parents. It has some great features that make it a worthwhile purchase. The cradled position, the hugging sensation, and the womb-like feeling make it one of a kind. If you are looking for an effective way to help your baby calm down and relax, then snuggle me organic cotton lounger is worth the investment.

However, since it only comes in handy for five months and can’t be used for co-sleeping, snuggle me organic infant lounger is not a wise purchase. Other baby loungers come at the same price. They can be used for co-sleeping while providing the same comfort to the baby as a snuggle me organic cotton lounger.

Check out our reviews on other baby loungers.

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