What to do with an old baby crib?

15 Genious Ideas on what to do with an old baby crib

What to do with an old baby crib?

Do you have an old baby’s crib lying around your house? Don’t throw it away! There are many creative ways to reuse and recycle old baby cribs. You can turn it into a garden bench, or even use it as the starting point for an outdoor play area. Let’s take a look at some of these ideas.

1 – Turn It into a Garden Bench

The old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true when it comes to an old baby crib. Instead of trashing the old metal crib, turn it into a beautiful garden bench. Use paint to give the babies’ names or other decorative phrases for your garden bench. If you are handy with a welder, you can even weld the crib together into one solid piece.

2 – Old Baby Crib as a Planter

Use your old baby crib as a plant stand to hold flowers and other similar items. Simply remove all of the rough side panels from the crib, leaving only the smooth side pieces in tact. Use wood screws or a hammer and nails to keep the sides on the crib. Fill the sides with dirt, and plant your flowers or vegetables on top of it.

3 – Can be used as a playhouse for children or pets

You can create an indoor or outdoor hideaway from an old baby crib by cutting off all of the front side bars. This creates a back and front side to the crib. Cover the rough edges with wood, fabric or other material for a more finished look. You can also use boards or bricks to support the structure to prevent it from tipping over.

4 – Add a Bathtub to an Old Baby Crib

This is a great idea for someone who likes to have a long soak in the bath. Cut out the base of the old baby crib with a saw or handsaw, and add plumbing if needed. Install a hand held sprayer on the front side of the tub so that you can easily wash yourself after your bath.

5 – Coat Rack Made from an Old Baby Crib

An old baby crib makes a decent coat rack when painted with bright colors and given decorative hooks in strategic places around it’s sides. You can put this coat rack inside your home, or even outside next to your front or back door. This is also a great idea for someone who doesn’t have much closet space in their house, but would like to display some of their favorite hats, coats and other outerwear items.

6 – A Barbecue Grill?

Whoever said you can’t grill on an old baby crib never thought outside the box enough! Cut off the base side bars of the baby crib to create a flat surface. Put bricks or boards underneath it so that it stands up correctly. Line the bottom with grilling tiles, and your old baby crib will be all set! Just make sure that you don’t put too much weight on it when cooking. You might want to limit the food cooked on it as well, if you have a lot of people over for a party.

7 – Use for Outside Projects

Use an old baby crib to grow vegetables or flowers. It’s the perfect sized raised garden bed that will fit almost anywhere. You can also use it as a planter next to your front or back door, adding your favorite flowers for people to enjoy when they come over to visit you.

8 – Make a Kitchen Island from an Old Baby Crib

If you cook in your kitchen often, make an island out of an old baby crib! Use wide boards separated by narrow gaps on all sides of the metal crib. Connect them with wood screws driven into the bottom side of the board and through the top side of the crib. This makes a huge surface area where you can prepare food, do dishes or just work when in the kitchen.

9 – A Hideaway for Your Cat

An old baby crib can be used in your yard to build a hideaway for your cat. Line the bottom of the crib with carpet material, and it will feel comfy on their bodies when lying inside. This is also great if you have an outdoor cat that you are trying to keep warm during cold nights.

This old crib is made even more useful when you’ve got some spare time on your hands. With these different ideas in mind, you’ll be able to put it to good use almost anywhere!

10 – A Place for Your Child’s Toys

If you have a toddler or young child at home, an old baby crib can easily function as a place to store extra toys. Toss the toys inside the bottom of the crib, and watch them have fun organizing them into neat piles once they are older. You could also let your child choose which colors she wants the metal frame painted, and create a piece of furniture that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing – but is also functional as well. Building blocks will always be within reach if they’re tucked away inside a hand-me-down crib.

11 – A Place to Display Your Favorite Things

An old baby crib can be used in the bedroom if you like having tall, narrow pieces of furniture around your room. A tall metal frame with fabric over top is sure to make an interesting conversation piece among family and friends when they come over to visit your house! You can also use it as a place to put pictures of loved ones on each side, or display other special memorabilia that has sentimental value for you.

12 – A Piece of Furniture for Your Front or Back Porch

If you enjoy staging your entryway, consider making an old baby crib into a planter. Add some flowers on top, complete with dirt and water, and display it on the porch of your home. You can also plant some herbs that will help to flavor foods when cooking – like lavender or rosemary. Plant things that are typically used as decoration sometimes too- like daisies or sunflowers! Having fresh herbs on hand makes preparing dinner easier than ever before.

13 – Or Build a Box Around It?

There is probably no more creative way to think about reusing an old baby crib than turning one into another piece of furniture! Buy thick cardboard sheets (they don’t have to be pretty), and cut them into individual pieces that will fit around the sides of a metal crib. Nail them together with wood screws, and now you’ve got yourself an old-fashioned chest of drawers – just like what was used many years ago! Perfect for holding clothes in your room, or keeping blankets safe in storage spaces inside your home.

14 – A Great Chair

An old baby crib can be flipped upside down to create a comfy chair for anywhere inside the house. Cover it with plush fabric, adding extra padding wherever necessary to make this seating option even more comfortable than most chairs you would find today. Have friends over for dinner one night, and give everyone their own chair! sit on one side while they sit on the other, and pass snacks around while you all chat about life.

This chair is not just for social occasions though- it can be used in your home office too. Instead of having to perch yourself on a hard, metal folding chair when you’re working at your computer or reading paperwork, add some softness and comfort with this old crib!

15 – Drying Rack

You can also convert the crib into a drying rack. Drying racks are used to keep clothes dry. Generally, such racks are called horse racks or clothes racks. Households use them to dry their clothes indoors rather than outdoors.

If you have an old baby crib lying around your home, don’t throw it away! There are many creative ways to reuse and recycle that old furniture. While some people turn their used baby cots into garden benches or use them as the starting point for a play area outdoors, others may convert the piece of furniture into a small table with storage underneath. Which do you think would be best for your space? Let’s take a look at all these ideas and see which one is right for you.

Want some more Baby Crib ideas ? Check the video bellow for some other uses:

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